Wednesday, January 9

Supersonics 2.0 : Sacramento Kings moving to Seattle?

Maloof. Maloof. Maloof is on fire! (sorry)
Chris Hansen is buying the Sacramento Kings and moving them to Seattle in time to start playing at The Key next season, according to the wild rumor mill known as Yahoo! Sports.

The rumor originated in a Tweet from Daina Falk, a food blogger known as “The Hungry Fan’’ and also the daughter of longtime NBA agent David Falk, whose clients included Michael Jordan and a number of former  Sonics, including longtime team president Wally Walker. 
Daina Falk sent out a Tweet Tuesday reading: “So I hear that the Seattle Kings is officially a done deal! The Maloofs (the family  that owns the Kings) finally sold the ailing Sacramento team.’’ 
When questioned about the Tweet, she responded that she had heard it from someone who would know, and she also referred to the Tweet on her Facebook page saying to wait and see what happens over the next few days. 
Those Tweets and her Facebook message were all deleted by Wednesday morning.
(from The Seattle Times)

That's right. The source of the rumor is a food blogger. Because that's how desperate we are. Sigh . . . 

The big question, of course, is how cool are we about taking another city's team, especially one with as much history and support as the Kings? Is this completely different than the OKC debacle because we're being upfront about it? Or are we all just hopeless cogs in Stern's machiavellian machine? Let the hand-wringing commence!


  1. As horrible as it feels to take a team from another city, it is a small comfort to know that Chris Hansen was 100% honest in his goal from the start, and not a single Sacramento Kings fan can accuse him of being dishonest.

    The Maloof family, on the other hand...

  2. Yeah, I'm sure that makes the people of Sacramento feel a whole lot better. You know, considering that they did everything the NBA asked them to do, then got screwed by their owners because their owners were bankrupt from their own idiocy.

    Fuck the NBA.

  3. Kings fan here. First, I would like to say that I'm really surprised that this blog is still up. I remember visiting this blog when you still had your team. You guys love your Sonics.

    This is a sad day for Kings fans but I guess any new owner is better than the Maloof. I'll still support the team since I'm not really from Sacramento.

    Congrats, I guess.

  4. It's the pinnacle of irony that a city that had mediocre attendance in those times when the team failed to make the playoffs and refused to yield to extortion threats takes a team from a city that supported it for years despite a horrific on-court product and, further, yielded to the team's extortion threats in offering to a build a new arena. Sacramento, you got screwed.

  5. Apologies to Kings fans, not how we wanted it to go down but I am Suuuuuuuuuuper jacked about a team coming back. I hope Kings fans get a team someday cause they deserve one too. But for the time being I will celebrate this historic day for all Sonics fans!

    Patrick from Tacoma a a a

  6. I feel terrible about this. I'm so sorry Sacramento.

  7. I don't want the Sonics back like this, but I'm sure I'll give into the excitement once the green and yellow hit the court. I wish pro sports fandom didn't involve so much ambivalence.

  8. Aaron/Tacoma1/09/2013 12:59 PM

    Am I the only puzzled by ESPN's total blind spot on this story? Hey, I know it's a rumor, but c'mon, ESPN, can't you at least run a couple of paragraphs on the biggest NBA story of the day?

  9. Supersonics!!!!! Lets get it baby - aliasnw

  10. While I want Seattle to get another team, I'm not thrilled about it happening like this. If this does take place, Sacramento is going to feel(and rightly so) like Seattle did when OUR team got shuffled off to OKC. We got screwed, and to be honest, Sacramento is getting the same screw job.

  11. 90% of the people who say they won't root/watch the Sonics will change their minds within a year of the team relocating to Seattle. I'm not saying they're pathetic hypocrites, they're just humans. The NBA knows we're a bunch of addicts, and they'll just keep on taking our money. Yay sports!

  12. Hahahahahaha

  13. Maybe we could play some games nobody cares about in Sacramento. Like all preseason games and then all games before the Super Bowl.

  14. sactown sonics fan1/09/2013 8:47 PM

    actually im so freakin happy and im from sacramento. i am pretty much born and raised in sacramento all my life, but a die hard sonics fan since i was in elementary school due to trading cards. i loved gary payton and reign man. i was there when the sonics played and whooped the kings in the playoffs. yes i wore my sonics jersey with pride in front of all my kings friends and honestly everyone laugh and talk crap to me when the sonics moved to okc, so in return karma is a b*&@! for all those kings fan that laughed at me when i told them i don't follow the nba because my favorite team move all i can say is ah ha!! besides the maloofs are the worst owners who are so much in debt and couldnt even put a decent product on the floor. good riddance and thank you maloofs. time to pull out the ol' payton, kemp, and schrempf jersey

  15. The mixed emotions from this convince me more than ever that fans should own the teams instead of idiot millionaires.

  16. The latest conspiracy theory I've heard is the NBA is actually considering expansion (!) but instead of offering it to Seattle, will wait until the Kings are sold to Seattle, then give an expansion team to Sacramento so they can be rid of the Maloofs.

    That sounds so ass-backwards that I'd almost believe it!

  17. I might be the only person who noticed this, but Frontline/PBS ran a rather damning show about Michelle Rhee and her "education reform" nonsense on Tuesday night. On Wednesday, Mayor Kevin Johnson found out that the Kings could very likely be moving to Seattle next year.

    Johnson and Rhee are married. I'm guessing it was less than a fun dinner Wednesday night at their house.

    KJ: Man, I had a crappy day today.
    MR: You think your day was crappy? At least you didn't have that damned Frontline narrator accusing you of cooking the test books!
    KJ: Please, have you spent any time with the Maloofs? Give me a break, woman.
    MR: Hey, I covered for you with that sex scandal three years ago, don't you start flippin' out on me now.
    KJ: Sorry, honey.

  18. Oh man, that should be a story, not a comment!

    In related news, I wish nothing but the best to the people of Sacramento and nothing but the worst to every member of the '93 Phoenix Suns.


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