Monday, August 30

By George, I Think He's Right!

Coach Karl "takes one" for the team.

George Karl is my all-time favorite coach. Maybe not the best, but my favorite. He is old-school, he is funny, and he has a love for the game that is downright obscene (Read Life on the Rim by David Levine and Karl will be your favorite coach too).

In Saturday's New York Daily News (!), Karl pretty much sums up my feelings regarding Team USA:
"I'm going to tell you something no one wants to write and no one in the league wants to talk about: American players aren't as coachable as their opponents. And it shows up when you've only got a few weeks. Because you don't end up coaching as much as managing egos."
Hey! Is he reading my posts or something? George, if you're reading this, come back to Seattle, man. COME BACK!!!


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