Tuesday, October 12

Sonics Open Preseason Tonight

Frodo Lives!
Frodo is ready to RAWK!

The Sonics open their preseason tonight against the Shaq-less Lakers. The game will be heard tape-delayed on KJR-AM after the Storm game (insert snide remark here).

This will be the first chance to see (or hear, I guess) newly signed Danny Fortson and Ibrahim Kutluay, and rookies Robert Swift and David Young in action.

After last year's preseason ankle injury, let's hope Ray Allen doesn't see ANY action tonight. In fact, I'd feel a lot better if they kept him in bubble-wrap until the real season starts.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. I listened to the game last night and was appaled by the time that Allen played. Hell, Kobie played like 40 minutes too. I was expecting a game with Wilkins, Swift and Kutluay being showcased. I was wrong. This sounded more like a regular season game. Also, I don't know whether to cheer for the Sonics on this win or laugh at the new Lakers.


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