Friday, September 2

Happy Birthday, Pete!

Back in the days when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again

--Ahmad "Back in the Days"

We interrupt this off-season for an important message:

Supersonicsoul MVP, Pete Nussbaum, turned one metric year older today. Like most guys, we're pretty lame about remembering stuff like this. Thanks to my wife for reminding me.

Happy Birthday, Old Timer!


  1. Happy Birthday, Nuss! (The check's in the mail.)

  2. One more birthday [Paul], and the old junior high yearbook picture gag will be officially overdone.

  3. Metric year? How many SAE years is that?

  4. Our boy Brunson is the coverboy on ESPN right now!!! He knows he can be valuable as a practice player! YES!!!!


  5. huh, I didn't know squat about him before, but after that article, I actually like the guy. He's got all the makings of a fan fave--grit, work ethic, humility, a bumpy road to the Show... Nuss would probably say the one prerequisite I'm leaving out is "white," but I'll let him say it.

  6. Many thanks for the kind words. And, Paul, please shred that photo.

  7. Hey man, don't blame me - Raf put up the picture! At least you don't have a mullet and a skinny leather tie like my Jr. High picture.

  8. Paul & Chunk - if you need some more garish pictures of Herr Nussbaum for next year, I might be able to hook you up. Love the site. Oh, and happy (belated) birthday Peter.


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