Monday, October 17


Much talk in the papers (and from our more astute readers) about how Rick Brunson could be paid $1 million to hang out with Ibo Kutluay this year. Alex Scales (Go Ducks Go! #12 in the BCS, baby!) has emerged on the scene as an alternative to Brunson, and Mateen Cleaves’ deal with Satan has apparently at least one more year to go, meaning his inexplicable continuing run in the league will continue for 82 more games.

Whither Brunson, then? Here is the roster, as of today:


Those in capitals are on the roster, no matter what, and it adds up to 13 guys, the minimum roster number. However, the team is required to average 14 guys on the roster for the season, so that’s the key number to look at. (All teams are allowed to have as many as 15 on the roster at a given time). With that the case, it makes sense Seattle will keep 2 of these 3 guys: Brunson, Cleaves, Scales. I don’t think Cleaves is as much of a lock as it would appear on the surface, so it is conceivable the Sonics will keep Scales and Brunson, but Cleaves is nice insurance at the point should the Flip Murray Experiment fail miserably. To me, the best move is to say goodbye to Mateen and keep Scales and Brunson.


  1. I would keep Brunson as well. Cleaves can't play, but Scales could be this year's Damien Wilkins. We need another Damien Wilkins.

  2. The league as a whole is required to average 14.

    The only requirements individual teams face is keeping at least 13 and, of course, no more than 15.

  3. Well, count me skeptical of the Robert Swift era ever panning out. I found this caption on a picture on the sonics page of the Seattle afraid.

    "Rockets center Dikembe Mutombo, right, drives to the basket past the
    Sonics' Robert Swift. The Sonics lost to the Rockets 93-85."



  4. yeah Swift is killin' me right now.

    I'm not seeing or reading anything that's making me feel better.

    Would be nice to play a preseason game with Potato, Fort and Moore out there mixing it up a bit.

  5. Cleaves contract is not guaranteed, according to Percy Allen.

    Brunson's deal is picked up at least partially by the league because he was signed to a veteran minimum contract.

    I'd personally keep Brunson, Felix and Scales and try to trade Murray to a team like Atlanta for a second round pick. Then cut Cleaves but ask him if he wants to stick around as a consultant. His long term goal is to get into coaching.

  6. With all of this talk about Robert being a stiff, I took a look at the rest of the 2004 NBA draft to see if there were any other players the Soncis could have drafted that fared better than what we have. Here are all of the 1st round picks after 12:

    12. Robert Swift
    13. Sebastian Telfair
    14. Kris Humphries
    15. Al Jefferson
    16. Kirk Snyder
    17. Josh Smith
    18. J.R. Smith
    19. Dorell Wright
    20. Jameer Nelson
    21. Pavel Podkolzine
    22. Viktor Khryapa
    23. Sergei Monia
    24. Delonte West
    25. Tony Allen
    26. Kevin Martin
    27. Sasha Vujacic
    28. Beno Udrih
    29. David Harrison

    Two conclusions I make:

    1. This has to be the worst draft in the past 10 years and possibly the worst draft for big men ever. Remember, Dwight Howard went No. 1! DWIGHT HOWARD! 12ppg/32min is not a No. 1 pick...

    2. Al Jefferson is the guy they should have gotten. He hasn't been great yet, but I think he is going to blow up this year.

    Now, swifty hasn't been a total success, but he hasn't been a total failure, either. It is still too early to tell. We all would just like him to age three years NOW because we need him now.

    Remember, we could have had Pavel Podkolzine!


  7. Carl - I had the exact same reaction to that Mutombo picture. Dikembe is making like Dr. J vs. the Lakers in that shot. Pathetic.

  8. why so many cleaves haters. HE WAS THE BEST IN TRAING CAMP. He has leadership skills none of the others has. Those to combined give u the best backup of the 3.

  9. right on. hunter for detroit is the same way.

  10. Cleaves also outpreformed all backup gurds tonight with 5pts 2 ast in 11 minutes. Not bad for 11 minutes.

  11. Cleaves is a ball hog. Not a team player. He has little talent. Sonics don't need him.

  12. ball hog? thats the most untrue statement ive ever heard. no youe pulling stuff out of ur ass.

  13. Yeah to Petro!! Summer league had me scared, and honestly his offense is even worse than I remember (but he is athletic), but he's done better with fouls than I had hoped for and his defense/rebounding is better than expected too. He's not great but he'll do, and deserves some playing time from day 1.

  14. i would say keep cleaves and scales to be honest. cleaves was clearly the best backup in training camp. he took over at some points.
    brunson hasnt impressed me very much, except for his experience

    swift needs to go. i dont know what they were thinking when they drafted this guy. hes almost as slow as D-Fort. he has no coordination. did u see him in the first preseason home game? he got a great pass, all he had to do was take the 2 steps and throw it down hard. but no...what does he do? he acts like hes going to throw it down but instead pulls the ball down and tries to do some jordan-type windmill and lay it up off the glass. of course, needless to say it failed miserably.

    i am actually pretty impressed with petro. he is very athletic and can actually put the ball in the hole. if he keeps improving i can see him being a solid center in the future.


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