Friday, February 24

Frodo vs Karma

Ultimate Deathmatch: Earl vs. Curl! Oh, wait . . .

That's a rather inside attempt at some lame humor, but, basically, what we're looking for here is whether the Sonics should continue to start Eugene's favorite pint-sized point guard, or if we should start looking at an alternative who's name is Earl.

Ridnour has been a conundrum this season - productive on offense, rather poor on defense. Contrarily, Watson has been solid on defense this year, and for his career. Naturally, the best option is to play Frodo on offense, then swap them as the Sonics head back on defense. Naturally, this is illegal, having last been attempted when Caldwell Jones played the 5 for the Sixers back in the 80s. That darn David Stern and his "rules" ...

Anyway, I'll throw my two bits in here. To me, Ridnour is a poor man's Dana Barros, or a rich man's Chris Corchiani. Incapable of defense, Ridnour is worn out by playing more than 30 minutes a night, as Bob Hill points out seemingly every even-numbered day. For the Sonics to progress, they need someone who can clamp down on opoosing guards, especially in the 4th quarter, and neither Frodo nor Allen fit that bill.

So, let me be the first to say: Start Earl and bring Luke off the bench.


  1. I always thought of Luke as a poor man's John Crotty.

    I agree, would like to get a look at Earl starting the rest of the way.

  2. I think the side benefit to Earl starting is to utilize Luke's innate ability to energize the team. In much the same way Barros used to come off the bench and jump-start the Sonics in the early 90s, I think Luke can do the same thing for us now.

    I hope no one thinks I'm bagging on the guy, because he's still a very talented offensive player; it's just that his defense is killing Seattle right now.

  3. Oh, and Rich, I see your John Crotty and raise you a Gerald Henderson.

  4. is there a worse last name than Crotty??

  5. Rusty Kuntz, member of WS Champion Tigers of '84.

  6. You're shittin me right? I was 8. not a baseball fan anyways, love playin' it, CAYA Braves state champs as a kid, but hate watchin' it.

  7. 4 minutes into the 2Q and the Sonics are down 10 to a team with an 8-game losing streak, who just traded a former all-star. Nice.

    Anyone know why Allen isn't playing?

  8. Current Sonic lineup:


    I'm guessing that's not what Rick Sund was drawing up this summer while he was at the beach.

  9. It doesn't matter who starts, rather who finishes.

  10. Allen was traded for John Crotty and two second round draft picks.

    Just kidding. I have no idea why he's not playing. Inflamed groin?

  11. that's what she said.

  12. Just found out that Allen has food poisoning.

  13. Oh, and Nick Collison's back in Seattle to see his baby being born. Word has it that Lenny Wilkens is the emergency back-up forward tonight.

  14. Damien is a poor man's Sherell Ford.


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