Monday, February 13

A Rosey trade for Supes?

It's trade rumor time again! Here's one courtesy of the never reliable New York Daily News:
HOUSTON - Isiah Thomas' conversations with Seattle have centered on Reggie Evans and Danny Fortson, a sign that the Knicks are trying to surround Eddy Curry with rugged power forwards.

Malik Rose is a similar-type player, but the Knicks, according to league sources, are willing to trade Rose and perhaps Trevor Ariza to the Sonics if they can get Fortson and Evans in return.


  1. Someone tell me why the hell we would want Malik Rose?

    Is he not just Reggie Evans but slightly worse rebounding? What's his contract like? Evans and Fortson are off the books after this season right?

    This sounds like someone needed to beat a deadline and pulled it out their ass.


  2. Rather than trade Danny Fortson and Reggie Evans to the New York Knicks for Malik Rose and Trevor Ariza, Seattle Supersonics GM Rick Sund should instead trade Fortson, Evans, and Vitaly Potapenko to the Knicks for Ariza, Jackie Butler, and Maurice Taylor.

    As it is, Taylor's contract ('05-'06: $9,100,000; '06-'07: $9,750,000) expires a year sooner than Rose's contract ('05-'06: $6,008,750; '06-'07: $6,555,000; '07-'08: $7,101,250).

    Yet, with that noted, Sund ought to package Fortson with Rashard Lewis for a young, up-'n'-coming small forward and guy with an expiring contract; the Chicago Bulls have small forward Luol Deng and power forward Tim Thomas on their roster.

  3. power forward tim thomas? lol what are you smokin

  4. Here's my trade $.02

    Three-way deal between NY, CHI, and SEA

    Seattle sends Ray Allen to Chicago, Danny Fortson and Reggie Evans to New York

    New York sends Trevor Ariza to Seattle, Malik Rose to Chicago

    Chicago sends Ben Gordon and Tim Thomas to Seattle.

    The Bulls get a proven All-Star to compliment their youth, and a bench scrub.

    The Knicks get two power forwards for the price of one.

    The Sonics get rid of two guys who aren't playing, get out from under Ray's albatross of a contract, and pick up a guy in Gordon who can at least play the two with some effectiveness. They also get Thomas' expiring contract.

    It's a deal that makes sense from New York's side, because they don't have to keep either Reggie or Danny around after this year, and Ariza was in Larry Brown's doghouse anyhow.

    It makes (some) sense from Chicago's side, because while they have plenty of young talent, it's looking like they need something to help push them over the top, and Allen is certainly a better player than Gordon right now.

    It makes sense for the Sonics because it's becoming apparent that Swift/Petro/Collison/Ridnour/Lewis is the future of this team, not Allen. It gives the team the cap space to resign those guys after next season, and it adds a talented young scorer in Gordon.

    It's too bad that the team has played so poorly this year, because I would have liked to see this current team get another shot in the playoffs, but right now it's looking less and less likely that such miracles will occur. The Supes need to cut their losses on the massive deal they signed Ray to, and look to build towards the future.

  5. Zach - That's the crack talking.


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