Wednesday, February 22

Sonics Burn Atlanta

Seattle SuperSonics' Ray Allen (34) takes a shot through Atlanta Hawks defenders Salim Stoudamire (20) and Josh Childress (1) during the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2006, in Atlanta. Allen had 33 points for the night and lead his team to a 114-109 win.<br />(AP Photo/Gregory Smith)Playing the role of General Sherman, one Ray Allen, who drained 5 of 8 from 3-point range on his way to 33 points as the Sonics outscored the Hawks in the 4th quarter to grab a 114-109 win on Wednesday night.

However, despite Allen's heroics, the unsung hero of the game has to be Chris Wilcox, who managed to shoot 80% from the field, grab 10 boards, and basically do everything Vladimir Radmanovic never did in a Sonics' jersey. Wilcox managed to score in double figures for only the second time this calendar year, and it definitely made a difference for the Supes tonight.


  1. nice run for Wilcox. At least we can still beat the Hawks.

    But come on, Nuss. We all know that Brunson was the difference in this game...

  2. wilcox had 16 points and 7 (not 10 !) rebounds...lewis had 10...

  3. Ok, I understand we all get stressed out from time to time but there is no need to go throwing around words like 'Bill' and 'Walton', my son could have been in the room (well not really, I'm at work but still) and seeing two of the worst words in the english language could seriously scar him for life. For the love of god, please STOP!!!

    Thanks alot b_con, I may never get those horrible images out of my brain. AAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

  4. Hey the Sonics just got Watson in a three-way with Portland according to ESPN. Basically Potato and Evans for old backup and big contract. How much will the Sonics have to improve to make this deal worthwhile? First round exit from the playoffs?

  5. We just got Watson y'all. Reggie is a Nugget.

  6. Note to self read before posting, thanks nate.


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