Tuesday, February 7

Sucky Sonics make Hill "puke"

After losing to the lowly Bobcats 119-106 last night, Sonics coach Bob Hill had this to say:
"You've got to sleep on it and get up in the morning. After you puke, you can start thinking about it. That's the first thing I'll do is puke."
Yeah, I think that's pretty much how we all feel right now, Bob.


  1. Could Flip suck any more if he tried? I'm amazed teams are still interested in him.

  2. those comments by Hill are hilarious. Sums it up nicely

  3. You know, I don't know how many times I've looked at him and thought "he looks mad enough to puke." Hill delivers! I like that. And that hair!

  4. They should just start selling rotten fruit & vegetables at the door, to be used as one sees fit during time outs and after the game.


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