Sunday, February 26

Supersonicsoulscribbles: "Sailing"

Click image to view at full size.

Here's the first of what we hope is a regular feature here at the Triple S. With any luck, the rest of the season will be as ripe for cartoony possibilities as Trade Deadline week.

Hell yes. Now I'm moving this way, I'm doing this thing. Please enjoy.


  1. Dude. You. Rock.

    Also, a belated happy birthday, Mr. Chunky. A check is in the mail. Or maybe some tube socks. I haven't decided yet.

  2. I've been to Seattle and the boxes look just like that.

    Great post.

  3. Fantastic. Couldn't have drawn it better myself (seriously; I can't even draw a circle).

  4. Yeah a little TOO magnificent if you ask me! I smell steroids!

  5. I keep telling myself that, EJ, but I still can't see the Wolves moving Garnett for Rashard, not when there are rumors the Suns might be interested in sending Shawn Marion their way. It's definitely worth exploring, from the Sonics' point of view, though.

  6. Toss Swift into the mix and the T-Wolves just might bite. Dare to dream!

  7. Some pictures are worth more than a thousand words.

    On the Garnett trade, I feel like a Rashard/Ridnour combo is more valuable than Marion w/o Steve Nash or Jason Kidd on his team.

  8. Thanks for the props. And to top it off, we even got linked by the always hilarious YAYSports! NBA link roundup,
    EXPLOSIONS! . Notoriety! On the Internet! Among a very narrow slice of sports fans who read/write NBA-related blogs! I'm feeling sorta dizzy...

    That's one of my daily reads, along with Deadspin, True Hoop, the Mighty MJD and SonicCentral. And of course, when I want to make myself feel better about being a Sonics fan, I read up on the also-not-good Blazers at Lance's blog.

  9. For whatever it’s worth, I expect that the New York Knicks will manage to acquire Kevin Garnett from the Minnesota Timberwolves on draft night, with Jalen Rose, Channing Frye, David Lee, Nate Robinson, a first-round draft pick [via the Denver Nuggets through the Toronto Raptors and the New Jersey Nets], and a first-round draft pick [via the San Antonio Spurs] being the package that completes it. In addition, the New York Knicks may be able to sign a guy like Al Harrington for only a five-year deal worth the mid-level exception during the up-coming off-season; the concept of playing in New York might, perhaps, cause Harrington to suit up with the Knicks at below market value.

    Anyway, regardless of any package that the ’sonics — or any other team, for that matter — could create in attempt to acquire Garnett, it’s pretty well noted that he wants to play in a large market such as New York. Besides, I highly doubt that ‘wolves Vice President Kevin McHale would upset Garnett — similarly as to how Los Angeles Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak appeased Shaquille O’Neal a few years ago — by sending him to a fledgeling franchise in the Pacific Northwest.

    Anyway, if the 'sonics acquired Garnett, then he ($66 million over three years) and Ray Allen ($67 million over four years) would account for two-thirds of the salary cap, which is too much money to spend on just two players. I, as has been previously mentioned, think that Seattle Supersonics GM Rick Sund should focus on acquiring Paul Pierce from the Boston Celtics. In any event, Rashard Lewis, Danny Fortson, and the team’s 2006 first-round draft pick should — once Celtics President Danny Ainge finally convinces team owner Wyc Grousbeck to quit being enamored with Pierce* — be enough for the ’sonics to obtain Pierce from Boston.

    *According to Wyc Grousbeck: “[I] prefer to let Danny run the basketball side - meaning construct the roster - and he does that with input from Doc and the scouting staff. I also try not to comment publicly or privately too much on individual players. Having said all that, Paul is a Celtic and we are all very glad about that . . . Ever since he broke two teeth right in front of me, and then finished the game, I have had a clear idea of his passion, his guts.”

  10. To the Editor,

    Is there a way you can set up a linked page where all of Raf's artwork can reside? To me, it would serve two purposes:

    1. Easy for visitors to find all of his drawings.

    2. Shame Raf into doing more when, six months from now, there's still only one cartoon on the linked page.

  11. Funny you should say that, as I've already started on the "What Bob Weiss Did Over Summer Vacation" cartoon.


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