Wednesday, April 12

No Quarter

At supersonicsoul, we're all about righting wrongs. You could say it's our Mission Statement. Our Paradigm. Our Core Value. We could say that, except none of us work in an office, and the guy at the corner store looked at me kind of funny when I asked him what his Mission Statement was, so I'm kind of fuzzy on the concept now.

In any event, last night on Fox 13 (I think their Mission Statement is "Our Anchors Are the Most Likely to Appear in Soft-Core Porn Within 7 Years"), they ran a piece on the new State of Washington quarter, and how this pressing bit of business is currently being studied by the Washington State Quarter Commission (Mission Statement: "Wasting Your Tax Dollars in an Efficient Manner").

Well, the designs they came up with are so lame I almost thought a Canadian team designed them. Seriously, a fish? Was lumberjack already taken? How about a bag of granola? Why don't we just put a latte and confirm all the dumb stereotypes the rest of the country already has about Washington?

Well, as per our Mission Statement, I'm righting the wrongs. Shown below are my 2 nominations for the new state quarter. They may be poorly done, but that's not my Mission Statement, so I don't really care.


  1. Those are awesome! I want one!

  2. I vote for Slick.

  3. Definitely Slick, unless you can incorporate Wally Walker being impaled by a stick.

    I think I'd vote for that one.

  4. I know--we replace George Washington on the "heads" side with Slick, and put Freddy on the "tails" side. And GW still gets his due from the state being named after him. Win-win.

  5. If you guys can come up with something better (and I hope for your sakes that you can exceed my meager artistic skills), post them on there as well. This goes for commenters as well. Maybe if we work really hard, make something artistically pleasing and Sonic-related, absolutely nothing will come of it!

  6. Look at that beautiful jumper... I gotta go with Gus.

    Hey, what about a third option... a picture of Kemp throwing down on Alton Lister?


  7. ..."Kemp throwing down on Alton Lister?"



    On the Head side have GP throwin an alley with the ball in mid flight
    On the Tails side have Kemp flyin through the air 'bout to throw it down!

    That would be pretty fresh...
    oh, couldn't find a pic of GP throwin' an alley-oop so just imagine that his lay up is a lob pass

  8. Can't we get one with Chief Joseph on one side and Cheif Sealth on the other, I know it's not Sonics related, but that's what it should be, Fuck George Washington.

  9. I vote for Ted Bundy. Very NW.

  10. Damn Big, what did Washington ever do to you?

  11. Did a nuke hit Seattle? Where the hell are you guys?

  12. How bout we make up our own...

    Let's see...

    Top 10 NBA Players girlfriends? (Girlfriends not wives) Thats too easy, MJ has all 10 on speed dial.

    NBA All Ugly team? Scottie Pippen, Sam Cassell, Mark Eaton... no, again, too easy

    Ohhhhhh!!!!! I got it! Make your best All-Druggie Team!!!

    1. Richard Dumas
    2. JR Rider
    3. Latrell Sprewell
    4. Robert Parish
    5. Ron Artest

    Damn, I know I am missing some big names out there... "NBA" & "Druggies" doesn't pull up much, neither does "NBA" & "Crackheads" for that matter

  13. You forgot Sam Perkins but you need to leave Artest and Spreewell off the list, crazy is not a drug. Rider yeah, of course you can watch E-40's Charlie Hustle home movie and see Rider passed out in a corner with 1/2 a blunt in his mouth and an almost empty 40 bottle, snorin' an shit, hilarious.

  14. What about Chris Andersen? On suspension as we speak for drug use.

  15. Of course, he'd be 12th man on that team at best.

  16. HEY!!!!! You guys dead or what????


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