Saturday, April 8

Weekend Update

That's the Magic Number
Yes it is
It's the magic number

Ah, nothing like three Sonic wins in a row to conjur up images of De La Soul and brighter times. Courtesy of the Portland Trail Blazers (thanks, Nate!), Seattle grabbed their third consecutive win last night as Ray Allen caught fire, Chris Wilcox continued his improbable Karl Malone impersonation, and Earl Watson continued to be everything the Sonics could have hoped for as Seattle rolled to a 121-108 win on Friday night.

Kudos to Nick Collison for picking up the slack in suspended Rashard Lewis' absence, as the young Jayhawk posted 13 points and 6 boards in his first game back, and also posted the highest +/- on the team with +14 in only 20-odd minutes. With Johan Petro sidelined as well, Collison was at center quite a bit, and made the most of it, as he always seems to do. As much as Collison can be maligned for the faults in his game, the man is a dependable player who - while he gets in foul trouble way too quickly - is tough on defense, knows how to rebound, and can handle the rock.

Can the Sonics make it four straight? Well, they'll have to knock off the Suns on Sunday to do it, but there's always hope.


  1. Collison was great last night. He's definitely one of those guys who's contributions don't always show up in boxscores, but if you watch the games you can see he's a big key for their success. He's a great guy to bring in off the bench.

  2. Caught the end of the Suns game--it made me hope that games like this become a tradition between the Suns and Supes. And that they actually have some meaning when the Sonics win! What a game...

  3. As much as I loved the win tonight and over this week. We need to stop winning we've dropped all the way from 7th pick to the 11th pick in a weak draft.


  4. What a game !

    It was on french TV, Petro played very well for his come-back

  5. I don't agree with the idea of losing to have a better draft pick

    Just Because we don't really need another young player ; with Gelabale coming this summer I think the Roster is full...

    We are winning against good teams and we are building a confidence for next season, nothing else matter

  6. Absolutely fantastic win. I had flashbacks to the late 80s with X, Chambers, and Dale Ellis when I saw that Rashard, Wilcox, and Allen all went for 20 points. Makes you wonder what they can do in the lineup for an entire season.

  7. Another point about losing for draft position: Right now the Sonics are getting hammered in the local media because of the politics around the stadium. If we want them to play here next year, well, it would be good to butter up the fans with some wins. Otherwise, that juicy draft pick might be playing for Your Las Vegas Supersonics next year.

  8. As to the "start losing games so we don't blow our draft choice" thinking, here are the last 10 guys picked at the #7 slot:

    Charlie Villuena, Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich, Nene, Eddie Griffin, Chris Mihm, Rip Hamilton, Jason Williams, Tim Thomas, Lorenzen Wright.

    And the last 10 guys at #11:

    Fran Vasquez, Andris Biendris, Michael Pietrus, Jared Jeffries, Kedrick Brown, Jerome Moiso, Trajan Langdon, Bonzi Wells, Tariq Abdul-Wahad, Todd Fuller.

    Now, I'm not saying I agree with tanking the season to move up to #7 (especially when it's a lottery system, anyway), but, good Lord, those are some nasty draft picks at #11. When Bonzi Wells is head and shoulders above anyone in a category, that's a bad category.

  9. With this draft, 7th or 10th really doesn't matter and unless you have a perfect crystal ball its a crap shoot at best. For that matter beyond picks 1-5 for any draft, its a guessing game with proportionally more draft busts then draft gems. I could understand if there was a chance at getting a Kobe, Garnett or MJ but even with those 3, there were 18 other players combined taken before they were selected. (Kobe #13, Garnett #5, MJ #3) Everyone is a draft genius in hindsight.
    So is it more important to win games heading into next season or to tank the season to move up 3 spots to number 7 and risk an already fragile team morale? No! Nobody wins by tanking a season people! Unless... unless your San Antonio or Orlando or Cleveland or... well nobody's perfect, plus they had #1 picks.

    Side note: Anyone who thinks or thought that the Ray Allen - Ben Gordon trade is a good idea is nuts! These past 2 weeks has been another reminder of who the leagues most underrated player is. 3 game winners in 2 weeks? Most people don't get a chance to even shoot a game winner, this fool has 3 in 14 days! I am not a religious person but, PRAISE JESUS!

  10. I agree, you never tank a season, unless you can be assured of getting the #1 pick by the all-star game. Ray Allen is a cold blooded gangster, I realize I've said that before but it needs to be said again.

  11. Our team needs a small forward who can play some madman defense and slash (and sorry damien... do it well too). We need to get some value in a trade for Rashard, cause he's not coming back cheap after next year. Rodney Carney, Ronnie Brewer, or B Roy would be nice. Oh, and start earl.


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