Tuesday, July 25

He once got busy in a Burger King bathroom

Has all this Sonics drama got you down? Then stop by Mirabeau Room on Queen Anne Wednesday night for ComedyNight, a weekly showcase of Seattle's best comedians (like me!).

This week's show will feature a guest performance by none other than Mr. Humpty Hump himself, Shock G of Digital Underground. Seriously. Plus, I will be doing a special piece entitled "Why The Sonics Are More Important Than Homeless Shelters". Seriously.


  1. I saw Digital Underground way too many years ago - good show and as crazy as you would expect. What's he going to do at the comedy night? Paul, you've got to work a joke in about his nose somewhere - something along the lines of "no thanks, keep your handerchief, I don't know where your nose has been"?

  2. This is the second time The Hump has played ComedyNight. He usually does a couple different characters (Humpty Hump, Shock G, etc), tells some jokes, and does a bit where he plays some mellow jazz on the piano while Scott Moran (a really funny, deadpan comic) reads weird stuff like personal ads from Craig's List. It's funnier than it sounds.

  3. "cause in the 69 his humpty nose will tickle your rear"

  4. hey, how did it go on Wednesday? who got more laughs, you or humpty?


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