Tuesday, October 2

Prescient Presti

First, the Sonics make a summertime swap of their $8 million trade exception for Phoenix' Kurt Thomas and the Suns' 2008 and 2010 first-round picks.

Then, Shawn Marion made noise about wanting out.

Then, today, we read that Amare Stoudamire had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee, keeping him out of basketball action for two weeks (at least).

Let's say the Suns manage to deal Marion (unlikely, I know); they're not getting full value for the guy, right? And let's say Amare takes a little longer to heal, and isn't 100% when he comes back. Those two together have to cost the Phoenix, what, 10 wins this season?

And let's say Steve Nash gets hurt; he's about due for it isn't he? After all, he's not exactly A.C. Green when it comes to durability, and he's a 34-year-old point guard playing on one of the highest-paced offenses in the league. How many games off for Nash this year; 5, 10, 15?

At what point do Suns fans start to panic, and how valuable is that 2008 pick going to be, let alone the 2010 pick, when Nash has ridden off into the sunset, Marion is gone/bitter, and Amare's knees enter their Moses Malone Phase?

Nice work, Mr. Presti.


  1. Nuss,

    Don't forget that Diaw and Barbosa will be deported by President Rudy Giuliani under an expanded interpretation of the Patriot Act prior to the 09-10 season. Leave the Sun decimated a crying about another conspiracy against the Canadian lover boy Nash.

  2. Nice. Dear god*, don't let the team move.

    * By "god," I mean David Stern.

  3. Stoudemire: both knees, bone on bone, by the time he's 34.

  4. Phoenix has always seemed to have a pretty shrewd front office and doesn't spend too much time rebuilding itself when it has to.

    But I would imagine when Nash leaves, Marion skips town and Amare is the new Brad Daugherty that D'Antoni will be leaving, too.

    They'll have their hands full rebuilding this team because there isn't a lot in the cupboard to work with right now.

  5. Phoenix has been shrewd in the past few years, but Colangelo the Younger is gone now, and he was the one who made most of the shrewd moves. Add in the ownership's decided anti-luxury tax stance, and it's clear their Championship Window is beginning to close.


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