Thursday, July 17

Different Type of Statistic

Normally, we only run basketball statistics here, but I thought you might be curious to see another comparison today. The chart shown above has a start date of July 2007 and details the stock performance of two companies. The blue line is Starbucks, Howard Schultz' empire, which has seen its value plummet from $28.60 a share to a low of $13.33.

The red line? The red line belongs to Chesapeake Energy, Aubrey McClendon's company, which has seen its shares go from $33 to $57.

Apparently, not only did Oklahoma City swipe Seattle's basketball team, but its mojo as well.


  1. They have been closing Starbucks left and right throughout OKC, one would almost think that Schultz is out for revenge.

  2. I don't think it's limited to OKC - they're closing Starbucks everywhere. By the time Schultz' case gets before a judge next spring, he might not have enough money for legal pads.


    come back!

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