Wednesday, October 15

SSS Book Club

Perhaps you've seen or heard that Ricky Pierce has thrown his weight behind a new book project. It's a children's book entitled "Bouncing Billy," and, according to Amazon, "combining active play in an early childhood environment has never been so much fun."

Well, sure, if you limit yourself to books penned by shooting guards with a proclivity for ball-hogging, I'm sure Ricky Pierce's book is right up there with Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom and all the rest.

But Pierce is not alone among ex-Sonic writers, as the following covers unearthed from Amazon attest. From nutritional advice for pregnant women to a how-to book on trash talking, you can't go wrong when you turn to former Sonics for advice.

1 comment:

  1. Ball-hogging???
    Oh no you didn't!!!
    Big Paper Daddy was the man as well as one of my favs. GP was the ball-hog, that's why they got into the halftime fight that destroyed the team chemistry and cost them the Denver series, when they should've rolled to the title.


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