Tuesday, January 29

For Sacramento Fans

Face it, if you're from Seattle and you have a friend from Sacramento, conversation is a little difficult these days. What better way to to bridge that awkward conversational gap than with a sentimental gift?

Ah, but what kind of gift? What could you possibly give to a Sacramentan that wouldn't set them frothing at the mouth?

I'm guessing Sonic-emblazoned toilet paper should do the trick.

When another city takes your team, sometimes wiping your posterior with that city's logo helps ease the pain.

(Etsy.com, via uni-watch.com).


  1. Did you find any Starbucks logo TP when you were browsing Etsy? I'm running low.

  2. You can find plenty of Starbucks toilet paper in any Starbucks bathroom and they conveniently fit in your coat and/or nap-sack.

  3. Or you could just use Schultz' book!

  4. I think your supposed to take a "courtesy" roll of starbucks TP, it's part of the $5/cup of coffee deal :)


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