Wednesday, January 23

Supersonicsoul on HuffPost Live TODAY!

MEDIA FREAKOUT ALERT: I'll be appearing on HuffPost Live today at 2pm PST to talk about the possible return of the Seattle Supersonics, the Sacramento deal and, of course, Supersonicsoul. Pray for me.

UPDATE: Now Kevin Johnson announced he is doing another press conference at 2pm also--that guy is obsessed with me!

UPDATE UPDATE: The whole show is now posted (see above). Sorry for lousy video feed. Note to self: Never bring an iPad to a knife fight.


  1. Feel free to work in a Danny Fortson reference, even if it's totally inappropriate (not that a Fort reference could ever be!). I'd almost be willing to go along with this franchise/city switcheroo if it meant getting some more Fortson back in my life.

  2. Well, I put the framed cover of "Danny Fortson: Cyborg Smasher" right behind me on the wall, so he will be watching my back the whole time.

  3. Definitely worth checking out - Paul, you're hilarious, man! You've got to start making some sort of video/podcast thing for this site! Just realized after watching the clip on Huffington that there hasn't been too much humor combined with basketball in my life for the past 4 years.

  4. Thanks! I would love to do something like that. Maybe through the magic of com-poot-ors we can do a video thing with Pete calling/webcaming in from the wilds of Canada.

  5. You did a good job. The topic was something I've been chewing over ever since the Sonics left, and even more so now that we're stealing a team back. Why be a sports fan once you're old enough to know how things really work?

  6. Got a chance to watch the video last and agree - Paul knocked it out of the park (whoops, wrong sports metaphor). He dunked it. I heartily recommend that everyone with a few moments check it out; with a cast of somewhat well-known names, it was Paul who got the most laughs by far. Well done, sir!

  7. Aw shucks, thanks Pete! My main focus was making sure to mention Danny Fortson at least once. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

  8. Nice work, Public Face of Supersonicsoul!

    Paul Shirley and the Classical guy are SOOOO cool, they don't even have to link their self-esteem to any particular city or sports franchise. Must be nice.

    For the rest of us, this T-shirt from The Onion sums up how NORMAL people follow sports.

  9. Paul Shirley isn't too cool. He's a douche. I already despised the guy, but when he wrote what he did about Haiti ... well, it was good riddance. Yet another reason to never give any credence to anyone in the Bill Simmons Family of Morons.

  10. From Sonicsrising on Jan. 4, 2013:

    From post titled: 'Dear Sactown Mike'

    "I hope that in 2013 we can continue to be honest and respectful to each other. I’ll cheer for your efforts even if I ultimately wind up participating in your defeat."

    From sonicsrising on Jan. 25, 2013:

    "I’m sure Larry Ellison is much more likely to be involved in this now that a preliminary meeting arranged by a mutual friend was leaked and he becomes subject to media scrutiny down there. That’s just how rich guys like to roll. They love to be referred to as whales and don’t consider the term derogatory at all. Most importantly the really wealthy always appreciate being involved in media sideshows with every day press conferences announcing every insignificant move."

    Guess that wish on Jan. 4 didn't work out so well.

  11. I got a chance to talk with David Roth (from The Classical), Scott Raab and Paul Shirley before and after the show and all of them were incredibly funny and likable. We all had roles to play, and they were brought on the show to be opinionated and bombastic--it's mostly just an act. And while I don't agree with Paul Shirley's opinion on Haiti (which I also believe was a bit of a show), I appreciated him pulling back the curtain on pro athletes and hero worship. Also, he had a great story about Danny Fortson.

  12. Jason - I'd take it easy on the sonicsrising guys. Haven't been keeping up to date with what they've been saying, but behind all the rhetoric it's obvious that both the Seattle and Sacramento sides are really desperate to have a team. Sac is panicking because they might be losing a team, Seattle is panicking because they might be losing out on getting a team ... and neither side is acting too rationally.

    Kind of reminds me of a bit that Jon Stewart used to do about blacks and jews. He ridiculed both sides for antagonizing each other ... it ended with something along the lines of him saying, "Hey, remember, whitey's the real enemy!" Then, uncomfortable silence as he pretended to suddenly realize who made up his audience.

    It's the same deal here - Sac and Sea aren't enemies ... the NBA is the enemy.


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