Friday, January 25

Your Seattle Expansion Sonics?

One of these guys could be ours. Hint: not the good one. 
I think most of us here at Supersonicsoul would rather have an expansion team than the Sacramento Kings. Our friends at Sactown Royalty recently posted about what a Seattle Supersonics expansion team might look like. Hakim Warrick here we come!


  1. God, that draft-day trade is just getting worse and worse.

    Player, Win Shares since trade
    To Boston
    GLEN DAVIS: 15.6
    RAY ALLEN: 46.4

    To Seattle
    JEFF GREEN: 16.8
    DELONTE WEST: 14.1

    Totals (total)
    Boston: 62.0 win shares
    Seattle: 38.2 win shares

    It kills me that if we had just kept our 2nd-round pick (Davis), we could have had Allen, Durant, and Davis. Oh, well, at least we all learned how to spell Szczerbiak!

  2. Hello! First time poster. This seems like a "friendly" blog on the SuperSonics. I love and miss the Sonics so much having grown up with them and watched them during the finals. Still remember sitting cross-legged in front of the TV with my brothers and sisters. So hopeful they are coming back. Don't know if it will be the Kings or an expansion team. Obviously expansion is best for everyone, just don't know if Sacramento can gets its act together. Either way, SuuuperSoooonics!

  3. I have a feeling it will end with Sac keeping Kings and Seattle gaining the Sonics back via expansion. In a jacked up situation this is the only win win for us. The NBA (particularly Stern)has a legacy to preserve and I dont think he wants to leave the League on a sour note. If there is one city that I think the league would expand to its Seattle.


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