Thursday, February 14

Seattle Supersonics (Fake) Vintage Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day, Sonics fans! Here are some authentic fake Seattle Supersonics valentines to print out and give to your sweetheart. Or, you know, your dog or whatever. (Click below to see all of them)


  1. What, no 'I Glove You!' card? I have a feeling that I'm going to be thinking of these things all day long. Cool idea, guys!

  2. 'X' Marks My Heart, Valentine!

    Also, Dick Snyder and Al Wood.

  3. I almost did a Dick Snyder one! As far as X and the Glove, I tried to stick with mostly lesser know ones for comedic value (with the exception of the Sikma one, which my wife came up with and I thought was too hilarious to leave out).

  4. You (Bob) Rule My World, Valentine!


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