Monday, March 25

Seattle Sonics oddity of the week: Duck Mason

Still waiting for someone to explain this one to me. (Spotted in the wild at Value Village in Ballard.)


  1. Why the heck didn't you buy it?

    If I remember right, the Sonics had a whole bunch of these guys - Payton Duck, Rashard Lewis duck, etc. Can't get kids into Sonic hoops early enough, right?

  2. Kevin Pelton3/25/2013 4:06 PM

    As far as I remember, Desmond was the only celebriduck we ever did. Sadly, the Desmond Mason art sets were scheduled for *after* the trade deadline:

  3. I have the payton duck. It is a proud member of my collection.

  4. Thanks for the insider info, Kevin! I would LOVE a Desmond Mason art set, whatever that would be. It would go great with my Supersonics mechanical pencil I got at a game in the late 80s.

  5. And for the record, this is probably STILL at the Ballard Value Village--let the mad rush begin!

  6. Take 'Sacramento' out of the insults coming from King County these days and substitute 'Seattle' and you've got every comment coming from Oklahoma City five years ago.

    This whole thing makes me so glad I switched my rooting interests to a fine, upstanding organization like the NCAA.


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