Wednesday, June 28


Would you trade Ray for him? You would if you were RETARDED!

Did someone leave a door open, because it feels DRAFTY in here! Heh-heh. Heh.

The NBA Draft is today, and here's who everyone thinks we're going to pick (courtesy of the Seattle Times):
Chad Ford, Hilton Armstrong

Tony Mejia, CBSsportsline: Randy Foye

Chris Ekstrand, Sports Illustrated: J.J. Redick

Frank Burlison, Andrea Bargnani

DIME Magazine: Cedric Simmons Patrick O'Bryant Shelden Williams Shelden Williams Rodney Carney
And according to the Tribune, the Lewis deal may still happen as well. My prediction? The Sonics will keep the pick and draft a foreign player you've never heard of. Probably from Israel.

Hoo-dawg, anything can happen today folks!


  1. My vote is for Sene, unless Foye is available. Actually, the best case scenario is for the Sonics to trade down (the Nets are rumored to be interested in moving up), and pick up a late-round pick this year plus another one next year.

    And, yes, I have been hiding under a rock for the past month. Kudos to Paul for keeping the ship afloat for all of that time.

  2. I predict the Sonics will take Patrick O'Bryant, even though they don't need him and I can see him being a total bust in the NBA.

  3. I'm hoping that Foye is still available for the Sonics. If not, look for the team to go big, 'cause you can't coach height (though you can't coach god awful, either).

  4. FYI

    Bargnani goes #1
    Aldridge goes #2

  5. 3 straight years of drafting a Center, bleh.

  6. hahahahha Saer!

    Dude is lonnnnnnnnnngg - which is ironic because taking him this early was a hell of a reach.

  7. Paul was right about the foreign guy except for the Israel part.

    Long, freakish wingspan with upside.

  8. Well friends anoter foreigner for the sonics.

  9. I love Dan Patrick a little more today. He dropped a Wilco reference, and just clowned D-Stern.


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