Monday, July 3

Radman and Kobe, Sitting in a Tree

Former Seattle Supersonics Vladimir RadmanovicIt appears that former Seattle Supersonic Vladimir Radmanovic is bringing his erratic shooting, questionable hairstyles and armpit of doom defense to the other team in LA:
Los Angeles, CA (Sports Network) - The Los Angeles Lakers may have found a sweet-shooting big man to capitalize off double teams on Kobe Bryant, as the club reportedly agreed to a five-year contract with free agent forward Vladimir Radmanovic late Saturday.

The Los Angeles Daily News reports that the Lakers will sign the 6-foot-10 forward to a $30 million contract on July 12, the first day players can officially sign with teams.

from the Seattle P.I.
Wait a minute . . . five years for 30 mil? Isn't that less than the Sonics offered him last summer? I guess he must really like Kobe.


  1. Yes it lower than what the Sonics a year ago. Yes he likes Kobe, but it's Vlade who sealed the deal. A fellow Serbian.

  2. vlade? as in divac? is he still alive?

  3. It depends on your definition of "alive".

  4. Like Kobe has ever passed out of a double team. I mean, Kobe's double teamed lots of passed out girls, and I'm sure Vlad will get in on that, but that doesn't have a whole lot to do with "ballin" in the NBA-sense.
    What's up with Wilcox and the Sonics being "far apart" contract wise? Sounds like Radman part II.

  5. Some new stuff:

    Wilcox sign and trade = a possibility

  6. personally i would like to see wilcox stay, if 9 teams have shown intrest that shows how valuable he is, i just hope that if he signs a 6 year deal that he can make a immediate difference to the sonics regular season record


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