Tuesday, July 11

What in the Wilcox is going on?

Chris Wilcox of the Seattle SuperSonicsThe Wacky World of Wilcox continues today with two conflicting reports on contract negotiations with Dunktron 3000:
Sonics won't trade Wilcox! (from the Seattle P.I.)


Sonics to trade Wilcox . . . for Shawn Marion! (from the Tribune)
This all proves, of course, that no one knows what the hell is going on. Stay tuned!


  1. I love the guy and want him back, but 29 games does not warrant 10 million a year. He has a ton of potential, but I would like to see some consistency before shelling out the big bucks. I know Nene got 6/60, but I think that’s just a dumb move on Denvers part. Maybe 6/42 or 6/48, but no way 6/60. And he is restricted, so make him play for what’s available and not what he thinks he’s worth. Hell, I'm worth $100,000 base a year, but that wasn't an available option when I negotiated my salary, and I don't take it personal. I don't get how players equate salary to respect, for Christ’s sake, you are talking about millions of dollars, more than enough to support your family. That loss of 2 million does not mean you have to eat Top Ramen. My advice to Wilcox is to put things in perspective before you feel disrespected by being offered only $40 million dollars to play basketball for 5 years. Everyone reading this blog won't make that combined in a lifetime.

  2. ok, no offense if someone here built that website but you'd think that even on the salary he has, he could afford a little more for the site. the content that is there is fine, but shoot, if they want to show anything about wilcox, they need to have some video of his great games...

    as for the re-signing. clearly i am hoping it happens, but i agree with everything said so far that we can't commit the big big money to a guy that has really only been a very very good player for 12 games or so...

  3. Wilcox & Lewis for Marion + cash/cleaning lady/anything. Please.

  4. From what I heard, in order to make the deal work, the Sonics would have to include Danny Fortson. Since Fortson and Jerry Colangelo had their tiff a few years ago, that isn't going to happen. Kinda sucks to think that because of some stupid words 3 years ago, the Sonics miss out on 1) acquiring Shawn Marion and 2) unloading an unproven PF on Phoenix.


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