Thursday, October 18

Paranoid Bennett hounded by "disturbing fringe elements"

Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder in Sonicsville . . .

Yesterday, the American Arbitration Association ruled that any arbitration hearings would be held in Seattle instead of Denver, as the Sonics had requested. Hooray for us!

Here's where the weird comes in.

While arguing their case with the AAA, the Sonics filed papers citing "disturbing fringe elements" surrounding the case, and even claimed the team's lawyers had "received threats and other highly charged communications" after taking the case. Wow! Were there threatening calls in the middle of the night? A flaming effigy of Slick Watts?

How about "two anonymous e-mails from the same address".

Now, I don't mean to make light of threatening emails, but C'MON! Nussbaum received more than that after making fun of Steve Nash! These scumbags are trying to steal our freaking team, and they only get TWO NASTY EMAILS?!

I am an avowed pacifist (and registered coward) who would never condone violence or illegal acts of any kind, but frankly, I'm surprised this is all this city could muster up. Couldn't someone at least mail them some sort of legal annoyance, like a lifetime supply of Kenny G albums or something? Where's your passion, Seattle?

Just ask yourself: What would Danny Fortson do? Disturbing fringe elements indeed!


  1. Who's team is it? I thought Bennett owned the team. No need for him to steal it.

  2. On a side note, the correct usage of the possessive pronoun in your sentence is "whose," not "who's." That is, unless you intended to say, "Who is team is it?" If you're going to insult us, kindly use proper grammar when you do it.

  3. It's our team, flunky! Go back to the dustbowl from whence you came!

  4. Seattle doesn't care whether they keep the Sonics. They don't want to be bothered. They would move them to a JUCO arena except that they're already playing in one. Rather than deal with the problem they'd rather smear the owners. Seattle deserves to lose the team.


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