Thursday, October 18

Viewing Pleasure

Just a reminder that tonight's Sonics-Lakers game will be broadcast on TNT at 7 pm. If you'd rather watch Bob Swift make his triumphant return to Bakersfield than see the Red Sox lose to the Indians, set your viewing plans accordingly. In all honesty, as much as I love baseball, the idea of sitting through 3 hours of Tim McCarver's horrific puns and Joe Buck's daily "Watch How Indignant I Can Get!" spiel is too much. I'm leaning heavily towards an hour of Sonics-Lakers, followed by "The Office" when I start remembering why networks almost never broadcast pre-season games.


  1. Man, I needs to get me some cable.

  2. Hope the power dosent go out.

  3. Am I a bad sonics fan for not having seen a minute of KD yet? In my defense, I don't get TNT.

  4. As expected in a duel of Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant, the offensive stars have been Ronny Turiaf and Wally Szczerbiak. I'm not so thrilled to see that Turiaf and Bynum have combined for 23 points in 24 minutes at the half. KUrt Thomas needs to open up a big ol can of whoop ass in the 2nd half.

  5. once again, I'm thrilled with the way Durant looks shooting the ball. There are certain guys who you just expect to make their shots because they look so smooth and confident shooting, and Durant is one of those guys.

  6. On the Joe Buck comment-- remember when he vilified Randy Moss for pretending to pull down his pants in GB? Only 1 time did I ever hear the explanation/back story... The Green Bay fans are known to BA opposing players when they get to the endzone so he was "getting them back."

    Personally, when I found that out, I thought it was pretty damn funny.
    That same week I remember Mike Vrabel scoring an interception TD and holding the ball out to the pursuing QB, mocking him. I remember that because everyone was in a lovefest of the Pats and focusing on how classy they were, yet I didn't hear any degrading of Vrabel for that far more classless action...

    Buck, in general, pisses me off. McCarver even more so... i'm glad i don't have cable.

  7. Damn it!
    Didn't realize the game was on TNT until the fourth quarter....

    Bynum is an absolute MONSTER. Who drafted him on their fantasy team? Ten bucks says he has a huge year. (like, 17pts, 10 rebounds huge).

    On a possibly related note, Bob Swift doesn't look so great...

    Sene on the other hand, is incredibly entertaining to watch. He's like a thinner, goofier Bynum. If we're gonna lose anyway, I'd really like to see him get some mintues. I don't know if goofy can be cured with experience, but he gives a fan hope.

    Durant and Green? Wow. What fun. Didn't get to see much of Durant, but Green looks really good.

    The end of the game with Durant, Green and Sene in togther was pretty exciting. I'm starting to think, forget winning, let's just start Luke/Delonte, KD, Green, Wilcox and Sene. The all-potential team! I bet we would lead the league in highlights and turnovers.

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