Wednesday, June 28

Sonics pick Saer Sene

In the 2006 NBA Draft, the Seattle Supersonics pick . . . Saer Sene from Senegal!

Wait a minute, didn't we already draft this guy? Like four times? I guess you can never have too many 7-foot "projects" that no one has ever heard of. Sigh . . .

- - - UPDATE - - -

Here's some video of Sene in "action" (Thanks Aidan for the tip and for uploading the video!):


Would you trade Ray for him? You would if you were RETARDED!

Did someone leave a door open, because it feels DRAFTY in here! Heh-heh. Heh.

The NBA Draft is today, and here's who everyone thinks we're going to pick (courtesy of the Seattle Times):
Chad Ford, Hilton Armstrong

Tony Mejia, CBSsportsline: Randy Foye

Chris Ekstrand, Sports Illustrated: J.J. Redick

Frank Burlison, Andrea Bargnani

DIME Magazine: Cedric Simmons Patrick O'Bryant Shelden Williams Shelden Williams Rodney Carney
And according to the Tribune, the Lewis deal may still happen as well. My prediction? The Sonics will keep the pick and draft a foreign player you've never heard of. Probably from Israel.

Hoo-dawg, anything can happen today folks!

Sunday, June 25

Blockbuster: Lewis for Marion?

Finally, some freakin' news!

According to, Rashard Lewis may be headed to the Phoenix Suns for Shawn Marion:
Multiple sources told DraftExpress today that the Phoenix Suns and Seattle Supersonics are working on a potential blockbuster trade. The Sonics have implied to numerous people over the past 48 hours that “something is going to go down,” while another source in Seattle told us that the Supersonics are “getting very close” to finalizing a trade.
Read the whole story here.

Tuesday, June 20

A Ring for the Glove

Former Seattle Supersonic Gary PaytonA big congrats to our favorite ex-Supersonic Gary Payton, who finally got his ring tonight as his Miami Heat beat the Dallas Mavericks for the NBA title.

Now for God's sake, retire already Gary . . . and you too, Zo, before you lose another kidney!

Monday, June 12

Tuesday, June 6

Kemp/Karl II?

According to the Seattle Times, George Karl is taking a look at former Supersonic Shawn Kemp. Seriously:
"He seems clearer, stronger," Karl said Monday after Denver's three-day camp for free agents. "His words are older. They have some wisdom to them. It's the most grounded I've seen him."

The 36-year-old Kemp, who reportedly ballooned to 340 pounds in recent years, has been out of the league for the last three seasons but wants to play again. Kemp said he hired a trainer and dropped 75 pounds, helping reduce his body fat to 11.5 percent.

Read the rest here.
Don't worry, George—if this doesn't pan out, I think Big Smooth might still be available.

Monday, June 5

GP: Third Time a Charm?

Former Supersonic Gary Payton is returning to the big show.

On Thursday, Payton's Miami Heat will face off against the Dallas Mavericks in Game One of the NBA Finals, and for the third (and probably last) time, The Glove will try to get a ring to finish off a Hall of Fame career.

So Supersonicsouliacs, do you think GP has any gas left in his tank? Will he even be a factor? Does he really need a ring to be considered one of the greatest guards in NBA history? Let the ill-informed speculation begin!