Thursday, February 25

Supersonicsoul Hall of Fame

Ladies and gentlemen, we present the Supersonicsoul Hall of Fame:

(Artwork by Rafael Calonzo, Jr. / Words by Peter Nussbaum)

Jack Sikma
Lenny Wilkens
Gary Payton
Shawn Kemp
Blackburn / Calaboro
Xavier McDaniel
George Karl
Dennis Johnson
Spencer Haywood
Nate McMillan
Gus Williams


Dave Gross said...

Wow, what a sad blog....just discovered it. No Shawn Kemp? The guy was a he penalized for being crazy off the court?

Paul said...

Sorry, that's my fault--I forgot to include the link!

Paul said...

In fact, looking back, we actually did TWO tributes to Kemp:

Trust me, we would never intentionally snub Sir Dunkedalot.

I'm glad you finally "discovered" us--we were actually the first Sonics blog on the interwebs, starting back in 2004.