Sunday, February 28

Hockey Schmocky

After winning the gold in hockey, the Canadian fans go wild.

Congrats to our neighbors to the north, as Canada beat the U.S.A. for the gold medal in hockey today. Somewhere in Vancouver, Supersonicsoul writer Pete Nussbaum is overcome with indifference.


nuss said...

I tried to watch the game, but after 2 periods, my eyes were starting to glaze over and the sun was shining outside, so I wound up at the park with the family. I have to say, if that's the best hockey can come up with, then I certainly don't regret my decision to never follow the sport. God, was that boring or what?

Paul said...

We actually managed to watch the whole thing. My eight-year-old thought it was "epic", while my four-year-old fell asleep almost immediately.