Tuesday, October 26


Charles Caleb Colton once said "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". Charles Caleb Colton was an idiot.

A friend sent us a link to this scumbag who is selling bootleg Supersonicsoul t-shirts on Ebay. If you get a chance (and especially if you're an Ebay member) please go and report this fool so he'll stop ripping off Chunkstyle's artwork.

If you want to see some legit Supersonicsoul art, be sure to check out Chunkstyle's Supersonicsoul Art Show November 11th!

Monday, October 25

How would you like to go to THIS basketball camp?

If only I lived in China (and weren't too old and fat to play basketball anymore).
Seated left to right: Sam Perkins, James Donaldson, Clyde Dexler, Otis Birdsong, Michael Ray Richardson and Darryl Dawkins.

(from James Donaldson's blog.)

Tuesday, October 19


Alt title: 206 and Heartsick

Chunkstyle here. Since a lot of what we do on this blog is relive the glory days, how appropriate that I've been asked to do an art show next month at Throwbacks NW—a dope retro jersey store on Capitol Hill.

I’m calling the show “SUPERSONICSOUL: Home Teams and Heartache.” It will naturally have a local sports flavor to it, featuring luscious giclĂ©e prints of the illustrations I did for this fine blog, and possibly some other new works. The opening is Thursday, November 11, with a reception from 5-10 pm.

You should come through--I’ll be selling prints, a DJ will be spinning, refreshments will be served (I think), you can buy some old-school Starter jackets or retro snapback hats. Don’t have to RSVP or nothing, just show up if you can, or come another day, the art will be up for a month. Thanks!

Thursday, October 7

Seattle Supersonics return! (to video games)

(Double click to show full-screen)

Even though I've worked on a few basketball games in my time, I'll be the first to admit I haven't really been into them since the Sega Genesis days. Sure, the first NBA Street was fun (before they ruined it by making it all "hardcore"), but since then they really all seemed the same. And when they replaced the Sonics with The Team That Must Not Be Named, well, why bother, right?

Well, it appears the folks at 2K Sports are pulling me back in. Prepare to have your mind blown when you watch the clip from the new NBA2K11 (which drops in stores this week), as our beloved Seattle Supersonics have returned . . . in video game form at least. Sam, Gary, Det, Shawn and the rest of the mighty '96 roster appear in all their green and red glory.

I haven't played the game yet, so I have no idea if you actually get to play as the Sonics, or if they're just "bosses" you must defeat in the Jordan story mode. But still . . . THE SONICS ARE BACK!!!

Monday, October 4

Seattle Supersonics video of the day: Sonics vs. Rockets, 1987

I know I've mentioned this before, but this 1987 double overtime victory over the Rockets is one of my all-time favorite Sonics memories. If I remember correctly, Pete, Raf and I all begged our parents to stay up late that night (on a school night!) to watch the thrilling conclusion to this epic game.

Now, thanks to the magical tubes we call the internet, you can watch the entire game (as well as the pre and post-game) on YouTube.

It's hard to believe, but back in '87, I actually watched this game on a black and white TV, so this is the first time I've seen it in color. Yes, I am that old.