Tuesday, October 19


Alt title: 206 and Heartsick

Chunkstyle here. Since a lot of what we do on this blog is relive the glory days, how appropriate that I've been asked to do an art show next month at Throwbacks NW—a dope retro jersey store on Capitol Hill.

I’m calling the show “SUPERSONICSOUL: Home Teams and Heartache.” It will naturally have a local sports flavor to it, featuring luscious giclĂ©e prints of the illustrations I did for this fine blog, and possibly some other new works. The opening is Thursday, November 11, with a reception from 5-10 pm.

You should come through--I’ll be selling prints, a DJ will be spinning, refreshments will be served (I think), you can buy some old-school Starter jackets or retro snapback hats. Don’t have to RSVP or nothing, just show up if you can, or come another day, the art will be up for a month. Thanks!


ryan said...

Awesome! It would be slick to see all those posters blown up to proper size (my personal favorite is the Payton one).

Nicely done, guys!

Paul said...

Consider me there, Picasso!