Wednesday, September 22

Shawn Kemp to open bar near Key Arena?

This is just too good to be true: according to the Queen Anne Review Shawn Kemp is opening a bar on lower Queen Anne:
Right now, there’s white paper covering the windows at 621 1/2 Queen Anne Avenue (across from the MarQueen Hotel) with the words “Watch 4 Us.” The applicants listed on the liquor paperwork are former Seattle Supersonic Shawn Kemp and his wife Marvena. They apparently plan to turn this space into a restaurant and lounge. Right now, the business is simply listed as “MTK Ventures.”

Read the rest here.
Sounds like they still need a name for the place. Kemp's Korner? Basketbooze? Dunk-n-Drunks?

Thursday, September 16

Seattle Storm: World Champs 2.0!

Congrats Storm! Now go get your mascot drunk and let him hump some cars. Oh, I see you're way ahead of me. Nicely done. (Photo courtesy of Dopler's Facebook page)