Thursday, December 30

Sonics Burn Atlanta

Oh, man, that's an awful reference, and if it were disparaging to any part of the country other than the Deep South, I probably wouldn't have done it.

But, hey, the Sonics kicked some Hawk butt in what is now my all-time favorite Thursday afternoon victory in Sonic history.

James and Fort both got booted, although, to be honest, James was going to foul out in another 3 minutes anyways, so it was kind of a foregone conclusion. Nice efforts from Collison (double-double), Allen (for rebounding from a lousy first half), Ridnour (nice overall game), and Rashard (10 points in 2nd quarter).

Charlotte's up next. It'll be nice to see Bernie Bickerstaff and Co. Little known fact: Bernie's kid is an assistant for the Bobcats, as is Bob Kloppenburg's son.

Almost forgot; Ibo Kutluay got in for 4 minutes in garbage time - no points, though, so he's still o-for-the season.

Game Night # 27 : Atlanta Hawks

The Seattle Sonics face off against the Atlanta Hawks today.
A couple of months ago, it was this same Atlanta team that proved to be the springboard for the Sonics' ascent to the stratosphere. Coming off an embarrassing loss to the the Clippers in the season opener, the Sonics destroyed the Hawks by 21 at Key Arena in game two.

The Hawks have been better of late, but they're still an awful team. Meanwhile, the Sonics have stumbled at the holidays, losing three of their last six after losing only three of their first 20. It remains to be seen if McMillan can find a way to keep his four guards happy, or if Flip Murray will have to be sat in order to preserve the beginning of the season flow.

Good Sign:
Antoine Walker still can't find his conscience; he's hitting only 40% of his shots over the last 10 games.
Bad Sign: With the Sonics traveling across the country to play a bizarre Thursday afternoon game, I just don't like the looks of this one.

Notes: The Sonics have forced 50% more turnovers on bad passes than they've committed ... Allen is rated as the 6th-best player in the NBA by the Roland Ratings ... If Allen continues this pace, he'll be the first Sonic since Dale Ellis to average 23 ppg or more for three consecutive seasons. Of course, Ellis saved alot of energy by not playing any defense ... This is the first of five games in eight days on the road for Seattle ... According to the News-Tribune, Murray is going to see his minutes decrease as McMillan looks for ways to right the ship.

Trivia: Who was the last Atlanta Hawk to average 10 assists per game?

Vegas line: Sonics by 9 1/2
Prediction: Sonics 103 - Hawks 91
Record Against the Spread: 10-5

Wednesday, December 29

Money Shot

In between games, I thought this may be of interest to Sonic fans; a breakdown of this year's salaries (in millions):

Ray Allen, $14.6
Rashard, $7.8
Potato, $6.1
Fort, $5.9
James, $4.5
Radman, $2.3
Daniels, $2.2
Collison, $1.7
Ridnour, $1.5
Swift, $1.6
Kutluay, $1.6
Evans, $0.9
Murray, $0.7
Wilkins, $0.4
Cleaves, $0.4

What those numbers don't tell you is production. So, listed below is how much the Sonics paid each player for a point in the Tendex rating system (a complicated measure that incorporates almost every aspect of performance). For example, the Sonics currently pay Jerome James $16,140 dollars for each tick on the rating system he produces (note that the Tendex system is on a per game basis, hence the money paid in this chart is as well):

Swift, $97560
Potato, $82650
James, $16140
Fortson, $8560
Allen, $8240
Collison, $5450
Lewis, $4780
Cleaves, $4570
Wilkins, $3050
Radman, $2440
Murray, $2030
Daniels, $2010
Ridnour, $1390
Evans, $1020
Kutluay, incomplete

Obviously, Reggie Evans is the best deal on the Sonics, and, I would guess, one of the best deals in the NBA. I found two items surprising:

1. Rashard is a great bargain
2. Da Fort isn't as great a bargain as we would have thought

Of course, Fortson's lack of minutes is the reason here, and not his production. Still, the Sonics are paying him a full salary, not a "we'll just pay you for the 1st and 3rd quarters" salary, so Fortson must take his share of criticism for his quick fouls.

One last item. The Sonics pay Ibo Kutluay $19,512.20 every game. So far, he's played in one game, lasted two minutes, and contributed a turnover. Since the Sonics have played 26 games, Ibo has received $507,317 so far this season.

Or, put another way, $253,658 per minute.

Monday, December 27

Game Night #26: Utah Jazz

The Seattle Supersonics play the Utah Jazz tonight at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City
Since Nussbaum is still drunk on Holiday Cheer, it looks like I'll have to throw together another half-assed Supersonicsoul Pregame Show© :
  • Opponent: Utah Jazz
  • Where: Mormon-ville
  • When: 6pm
  • TV/Radio: FSN/KJR
  • Good News: Andrei Kirilenko is out with an ankle injury!
  • Bad News: The Sonics haven't won in Utah in 400 years!
  • My prediction: X-man will dunk over Mark Eaton's caveman head!

Friday, December 24

Why I'm (Not) Pissed Off This Week: Christmas Wishes

Nate McMillan: Coach of the Year?

Normally, I'd rant on about some perceived injustice, but I've got nothing but love this week. Here's what I'm thankful for at Christmas:

* That Kobe and Shaq have been split up, giving us a Christmas Day game that all of us can look forward to.
* That the Sonics are playing above their heads, but are doing it with a high-scoring style that makes me proud to be a fan of this team.
* That Nate McMillan is going to be considered for Coach of the Year. I don't think I'm the only one out there who would kill for this man. Mac-10 is up there with Edgar in the Seattle sports pantheon as far as I'm concerned.
* That the NBA is leaning to more points and less banging. All 3 of us came of age during the golden days of 120-114 games in the 1980s, days that seem as distant as sockhops and black and white photos now. Thank you, David Stern, for finally figuring out a way to reintroduce us to 18-2 runs and a flurry of made baskets.
* That my friend, Paul, came up with a way to let me vent my frustration about my favorite team (the Sonics) and my favorite sport (basketball). I know I could be doing more productive things with my time, but I couldn't be doing anything better.

Seatown in Nine-Tre

Chet Buchanan is whack, yo.

A wee Christmas gift to all (both?) our readers, from Supersonicsoul...

Download the song here.

Check out the dope rhymes!

Happy Holidays, you knuckleheads!

Thursday, December 23

Sick Sonics blow out Nuggets, 98-83

Seattle SuperSonics guard Ray Allen (R) wipes his snotty nose on Denver Nuggets forward Greg Buckner during the first half of their game at Key Arena in Seattle, Washington, December 22, 2004. REUTERS/Robert Sorbo
Ray Allen wipes his runny nose on Greg Buckner.

Despite Ray Allen's nose and Antonio Daniels' tonsils, the Sonics managed to beat the even sorrier Nuggets last night, 98-83 at the Key.

Allen, battling an upper respiratory infection, still played 41 minutes and scored 20 points. Daniels missed the game because of tonsillitis.

Danny Fortson, eager to join his ailing friends on the bench, managed to foul out in only 10 minutes of play, which may be a new Supersonics record.

Seattle didn't really need any of them. The Nuggets, missing star forward Carmelo Anthony, only scored 38 points in the first half and were never really in the game.

This was the last game for the Supes before Christmas. Seattle plays the Jazz in Utah on Monday.

Wednesday, December 22

Game Night # 25: Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets (13-12) face off against the Seattle Supersonics (18-4) tonight at Key Arena.

In the halcyon days of my youth, the Nuggets represented the pinnacle of excess, led by scorers like Alex English, TR Dunn, Dan Issel, Calvin Natt, and Fat Lever.

To put that team in context, English attempted 1812 field goals in 1984-85, a year in which the Nuggets averaged 120 points a game. Last season, Kevin Garnett led the NBA with 1611 FGA, 200 less than English, or almost 2.5 a game. My, how times have changed.

Well, enough rambling. The current edition of the Nuggets is a woefully underperforming group, especially considering they added K-Mart to a roster that made the playoffs last season. You wouldn't have thought that Voshon Lenard was one of the most important players in the Western Conference, but, hey, that's the NBA sometimes.

Ordinarily you'd look for a high scoring affair, as the Nugs have surrendered at least 108 points in their past six games. With the flu invading the Sonics' roster, though, and with Carmelo Anthony on the bench, I think this game will be tighter than anticipated.

Good Sign:
No Carmelo.
Bad Sign: The Nuggets nearly toppled Phoenix in their last game and the Sonics could have accumulated some holiday rust since their game last Friday. Ray Allen, Jerome James, and A.D. all appear to be under the weather.

Trivia: How many times did opponents hold the Nuggets to under 100 points back in 1984-85?

Vegas line: Sonics by 9 1/2
Prediction: Sonics 101 - Nuggets 95
Record Against the Spread: 10-4

Tuesday, December 21

Viva la Sonics!

Team France loves the Seattle Supersonics!
Team France loves Supersonicsoul!

After the Steve Nash debacle, Supersonicsoul was in dire need of a feel-good story. Luckily my new best friend from France, Romain Casolari, wrote me this e-mail:

I'm a BIG Fan of the NBA. I created a Blog which speaks about the NBA and I wanted to present it to you.
(in French) (In English, through a web translator)

I like very much your Blog and I would have to like that one makes an exchange of link. Would you be ok?

Excuse my bad English
Live the NBA!

- Romain Casolari "Mr Basketblogger"
The "translator", of course, makes for some unintentionally hilarious reading, especially this article about Danny Fortson:
Danny Fortson is one of the men in form of this beginning of season NBA, however when one looks at the sheets of match of Sonics his statistics remain honest but without more!

But attention! brought back to 48 minutes of play, the evaluation of Fortson would go up to +31.72 and would place it at the 12éme row of players NBA... With its 52.1% to 2points and 86.6% with the frank throws, its stats brought back to 48 minutes of play per match would await tops: 24.4 points 17.3 rebounds!!!

The question is: Why prefer Evans to him?
"Why prefer Evans to him" indeed, my friend. The English may not be perfect (or even English for that matter), but Romain clearly understands what I've been yelling at my TV all season: Da Fort needs more minutes! (Of course, it would help if he didn't foul out every game, but I digress.)

Anyway, go check out Romain's excellent site and read about the NBA Frenchy Style!

Monday, December 20

Phoenix Phallout

Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns with his brand new Supersonicsoul t-shirt.

Bad News: The Sonics lost to the Suns Friday night.

Good News: Thanks to Nussbaum's incensory (and quite possibly insane) rant against Steve Nash, Supersonicsoul scored career highs in comments and hits (to the website - not Nussbaum).

Just for the record, I'd like to point out that Mr. Nussbaum's views are his own, and do not necessarily reflect those of Chunkstyle, myself, or Supersonicsoul© . I'd also like to point out that I think Steve Nash is a fine young man and please don't hurt me.

Update: We finally found someone to agree with Nussbaum's opinion of Steve Nash: Steve Nash!

Friday, December 17

Game Night # 24: Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns match up with the Seattle Sonics tonight at Key Arena for a battle for the best record in the NBA.

Does anyone else remember that game back in the late 80s, when the Sonics took a 19-game home winning streak up against the Lakers in the Coliseum? It was a Sunday afternoon game on CBS - rarified air for the Sonics and their fans, with Dick Stockton, Magic, Kareem, Riles, et al invading the misty mundaneness of a Seattle January.

The first half looked wonderful, highlighted by a McMillan alley oop to the X-Man that still chills me to the bone. McDaniel slammed the ball through the hoop like a 16-year-old pounding a hammer at a county fair contest, as if to say in one motion that "I'm here, I'm bald, and I'm gonna kick your old asses all over this court."

The Lakers withstood the first half onslaught ... then proceeded to destroy the Sonics in the second half on their way to yet another championship.

Well, the Suns aren't the Lakers and ESPN on a Friday night isn't CBS on a Sunday in '88, but I'm looking forward to tonight with as much anticipation as I did as a 15-year-old those many years ago.

Good Sign:
The Sonics are playing a meaningful game in December.
Bad Sign: None.

Questions: Nash v Ridnour? Stoudemire v Fortson? Rashard v Amare?

Vegas line: Pick 'em
Prediction: Sonics 109 - Suns 105
Record Against the Spread: 10-3

Why I'm Pissed Off This Week: Steve Nash for MVP

Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns face off against the Seattle Supersonics tonight at Key Arena in a battle of the top two teams in the NBA.
That's right, pretty boy: I'm calling you out!

You know, I had intended to start this column a couple of weeks ago. The fact I didn’t is the truest sign yet that the Sonics are off to a fantastic start, inasmuch as the grumpiest 32-year-old you’ll ever meet could not find a stitch to criticize in the jersey that is this season.

Well, let me commence this week’s epistle with a quote from our friend Eric Neel at “You can be a wiry, hang-dog, thirty-something, 6-foot-3 point and be the center of the basketball world.” Neel is referring to, of course, the Suns' erstwhile guard, Steve Nash.

I assume that, like me, you’re still laughing at the absurdity of that comment. Perhaps you need a moment to collect yourself. I suggest grabbing an immovable object, such as a table, or Vitaly Potapenko.

Now that we’ve all gathered ourselves, let’s dissect this argument. Does Neel truly expect us to believe that Steve Nash, a player who isn’t even the second-best player on his team, deserves to have his name on the same award as Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan? Does he think we’re that idiotic?

Yes, he does.

Why does this tick me off? For two reasons. One, it’s a stupid assertion made by a ridiculous columnist who is either naïve enough to believe his own nonsense or so eager to draw in readers that he’ll make outrageously brainless claims.

Two, it speaks to an element of our society that I detest like a gardener detests weeds. It’s the idea of flaunting your intelligence by supporting an unheralded person or idea. Cheering for Steve Nash is akin to saying you like reading Kerouac, or listening to the Velvet Underground. Since nobody you’ll talk to will be able to call you on your arguments, you’re home scot-free, the resident insider into what’s truly “in.”

Well, in this case, Neel has gone too far.

Let me be blunt. I hate Steve Nash. No, I’ve never met the man, and I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy, but why I hate him has nothing to do with Nash the person. What I hate is white sportswriters fawning over him as if he carries the Da Vinci Code for decrypting exciting basketball. Add in the fact that he’s a Canadian and I live in Canada, and you can imagine how much Nash crap I have to hear every day.

I’ll admit that Nash is a fine player. In fact, he’s one of the five best point guards in the NBA. But that doesn’t make him any more of an MVP candidate than Gilbert Arenas.

Let’s face it. Nash went to a team with two bona-fide all-stars in residence, a shooting guard who is capable of scoring 20 points a game (Joe Johnson), and another shooting guard (Quentin Richardson) who is a rising talent. Did the Suns really need Steve Nash to make the playoffs this season?

Yes, the Suns are markedly better. But why does Nash get all of the credit and Q gets none? After all, Q plays more minutes (36 to 34). Doesn’t this mean he has had more of an impact than Nash, or at least as much?

Fine, Nash is more valuable than Q. But is he more valuable than Shawn Marion, a guy averaging 20 ppg, 12 boards, 2.2 blocks, and more than a 3 per game? Surely Nash isn’t more important than Amare Stoudemire, who’s at 26 ppg, with 9 boards and two blocks.

If you don’t believe me, listen to the stathead websites. Over at, the site’s author uses a complicated method he terms MyTendex to evaluate players based upon their overall contribution to the team. Where does Nash rank on the Suns?

Third, behind Stoudemire and Marion.

How about Points Above Replacement (PAR), which tracks how many points a particular player produces above and beyond what a replacement level player would contribute. In the offensive side of the equation, guess where Nash ranks in the NBA?

Ninth, behind, among others, Marion and Stoudemire.

Look, Nash is a neat player who hustles and throws cute passes and likes to flick his hair. So what? The bottom line is this: If you’re an NBA GM, and you’re allowed to sign any player in the league for this season only, with money as no object, how long before Steve Nash’s name comes up?


Let’s try one final example. Listed below are the stat lines from two NBA players for this season:

Player A is the “MVP.”

Player B? Stephon Marbury.

Thursday, December 16

Ibrahim Kutluay: Behind the Music

Sonics guard Ibrahim Kutluay

Does anyone remember Ibby?

You know, Ibrahim Kutluay? The guy I was calling the "Turkish Larry Bird" last summer? The guy Nussbaum called slower than "maple syrup in Edmonton"?

Well Supersonicsoul's favorite non-playing player is off of the IR and onto the Q&A: Check out the exclusive interview at

Wednesday, December 15

Sonics lick Lakers, 108-93

The Seattle Sonics beat the Los Angeles Lakers 108-93 Tuesday night.  The Supersonics were lead by a season-high 37 points from Rashard Lewis.

The Sonics beat the Lakers 108-93 Tuesday night behind a big night by Rashard Lewis, and the big behinds of Danny Fortson and Jerome James:
SEATTLE (AP) -- Rashard Lewis scored a season-high 37 points, and the Seattle SuperSonics improved to 18-4 with a 108-93 win over the Los Angeles Lakers Tuesday night.

It's Seattle's best start since beginning the 1993-94 season 20-2 on the way to 63 wins. The SuperSonics have the second-best record in the NBA and will host league-leading Phoenix on Friday night.

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 35 points. Ray Allen added 26 points for Seattle.

from Yahoo!
Sure, that's all and good Mr. Yahoo, but did you see that nasty spin move by Jerome James? DID... YOU... SEE IT?

Tuesday, December 14

Game Night # 22

The Seattle Sonics face off against the Los Angeles Lakers tonight at Key Arena.

There's something satisfying about being on the top of the standings. A certain swagger that envelopes a team and elevates each game to playoff-level intensity.

Regardless of the animosity between Ray Allen and Kobe Bryant, tonight's game looms large (so large that Dime Magazine labeled it the "Game of the Day.") The Lakers, while not a great team by any stretch, were certainly expected to be better than the Sonics. Because of the Sonics' record, other teams will face them with an intensity lacking from Key Arena since the days of Kemp and Karl, so from this point of the season on, the Sonics will need to elevate their play to match that intensity.

Here's to hoping that the Kobe-Karl feud supersedes the Kobe-Ray feud, and that Mr. Vanessa hoists a few errant 27-footers.

Good Sign:
Kobe was 6-for-23 in his last game.
Bad Sign: Ray-Ray couldn't hit Puget Sound - let alone a basket - in the final 3 quarters against the Celtics.

Questions: Will the Sonics rebound from a horrid performance against the Celtics on Saturday? Will the Kobeaires continue to contribute to the Lakers as they did against Orlando? Did you know that someone named Tierre Brown has played 20 games for L.A. this season?

Notes: With a win the Lakers will have put together their first 3-game win streak of the season ... Kobe has 3 triple-doubles this year ... The leading scorer for the Lakers against Seattle last year was, believe it or not, Gary Payton (20 ppg). Bryant only averaged 17 ppg vs the Sonics in 03-04 ... Rashard threw down 21 ppg vs LA last season ... Bryant is shooting only 39% from the floor in his past 10 games ... Laker opponents have only committed 41 offensive fouls, to 70 for L.A.

Vegas line: Sonics by 6
Prediction: Sonics 100 - Lakers 89
Record Against the Spread: 9-3

Talking in L.A.

Kobe and the Gang face off against the Seattle Sonics tonight at Key Arena.
Kobe sure looks excited about the new Lakers.

With the Sonics set to face off with the Lakers for the first time this season, Kurt ( from the excellent Lakers blog Forum Blue and Gold) and I agreed to exchange views on our respective teams. - Paul

This seemed like such an easy thing when we came up with the idea: Have a person who has followed a team all season tell you Sonics fans what you can expect see when you play the Lakers. My name’s Kurt and I’m the guy behind Forum Blue and Gold, I’ve watched and blogged on the Lakers all season, so telling you about my team and what you can expect to see out of the Kobe 2.0-led Lakers should be a piece of cake. Right?

Problem is, these Lakers don’t know exactly who they are. They change personalities and styles like a high school sophomore. For example, they came into the season saying it was a return to “Showtime” and up-and-down the court basketball. Except that the Lakers actually averaged fewer possessions per game than they did last season. Or there was Sunday night, when fast-becoming-fan-favorite Jumaine Jones had 22 points and went 6-of-6 from three point range all in the second quarter. So, what do they do in the second half? He doesn’t enter the game until there is less than four minutes left in the third and his teammates don’t get him a good look at any shot until there are two minutes left in the game.

That said, with each game the Lakers seem to be maturing, getting a little better at figuring out what they want to do – the offensive sets have become less ugly – and there defense is improving. But, like our sophomore, they have a long way to go.

Here’s what we can tell you for sure: This team runs through Kobe Bryant. But you already knew this. What has been a relief to Laker fans is that Kobe didn’t turn into a taller version of Alan Iverson (taking 35 shots a night, most off balance, and making 10). There are some ugly moments, but for the most part he’s been a guy with double-digit assists of late, playing defense, grabbing rebounds -- basically doing all the little things you can want. Plus, two or three times during the game, he’s going to do one of those jaw-dropping/take-your-breath-away/crazy-stupid good plays that you’ll talk about tomorrow no matter how much you hate the Lakers.

The challenge has been chemistry -- no one started out quite sure how to fit it around Kobe. Lamar Odom is the poster boy for this. Last season in Miami the offense ran through him and he flourished, this year the Lakers can’t even consistently find a good place for him to set up, one game its on the wing, the next it’s inside, and in neither has he found a home. That said, Odom is working hard, averaging a team high 10.7 rebounds per game and is still putting up 14.4 points per game (second behind Kobe).

There have been pleasant surprises – Chris Mihm has been solid and even occasionally spectacular inside and Jumaine Jones and Brian Cook have combined to become the spark off the bench – and three point specialists – that nobody expected.

Lucky for you Sonics fans, where the Lakers may be weakest is perimeter defense. Kobe is a great defender, but for a team that is unselfish and passes the ball, there are great chances to exploit the Lakers from the outside (or on penetration, Chucky Atkins couldn’t stop penetration from the point in your local pick-up game at the YMCA). I’m curious to see the on-fire Sonics, but fear the Lakers defense is not tougher test than you’ve already passed this season. Several times.

Forum Blue and Gold

Be sure to check out my Sonics preview on Kurt's Lakers Blog.

If you run a blog for another NBA team and would like to take part in our exchange program, let me know!

Sunday, December 12

Gary and Celts school Sonics, 98-84

Former Sonic Gary Payton helped the Boston Celtics beat the Seattle Supersonics, 98-84, last night at Key Arena.
The Glove's still got it.

I can never go to another Sonics game again.

Chunkstyle and Nussbaum were kind enough to buy me a ticket to the game last night, but the Sonics lost because I was there. Don't believe me? The Supes haven't won a game with me in attendance since the '93 playoffs. Call it the Curse of Paul.

For the good of the team, I will watch the rest of the season from the safety of my bombshelter.

Saturday, December 11

Supersonicsoul at the Key tonight!

Key Arena: Home of the Seattle Sonics

Yes, it's true: The Supersonicsoul Crew© will be in full effect at the game tonight. Chunky, Nussbaum, and myself will be milling about with The Sonics Peoples, wearing our ultra-dope Supersonicsoul T-shirts, and trying not to get crushed by giant, drunken Sonics fans. If we can figure out the whole Wi-Fi deal, we might be sending updates throughout the game. If not, we will give a full report (hopefully with pictures) after the game. Pray for us.

Game Night #21

Nussbaum is currently being smuggled into the country from Canada to attend tonight's Sonics game against the Boston Celtics, and since I'm too much of a lazy-ass to write the pre-game stats, I'll direct your inquires to The World's Greatest Celtics Blog.

Friday, December 10

Sonic Nation

I'm beginning to think that this blog has become redundant, inasmuch as the internet sports world has become so enamored with the Sonics.

To wit:
1. ESPN has not 1, not 2, but 3 articles/votes on the Sonics.
Here, here, and here.

2. Bill Walton, or as I like to call him, "The Idiot," talked up the Sonics on his weekly NBA chat.

3. Fox Sports ranks Seattle 3rd in the league in its Power Rankings.

These are heady days, my friends.

Sonics dump Dallas, 107-102

The Sonics beat the Mavericks in Dallas last night, 107-102. It was almost an exact replay of Wednesday's victory over the Spurs: Go up big in the first half, blow lead in the third, deliver knock-out late in the fourth:
DALLAS (AP) -- Rashard Lewis refused to let the Seattle SuperSonics give away a game they'd dominated.

The small forward erased a fourth-quarter deficit then protected the lead with a high-flying baseline dunk, a 3-pointer as the shot clock expired and two free throws with 18.5 seconds to go in a 107-102 victory over the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday night.

One night after becoming the first team this season to win in San Antonio, Seattle won its fourth straight and ninth in 10 games to reclaim the NBA's best record at 17-3.

from Yahoo!
Oh, and did we mention Flip Murray is returning this weekend?

Thursday, December 9

Game Night # 20

The Seattle Sonics face the Dallas Mavericks and Dirk Nowitzki (aka The Eggman) tonight in Texas.

"While Duncan won't score 40 against the Sonics, I'd have to imagine he'll do better this time around."

That's what I wrote yesterday, and, sure enough, the Sonics held Duncan to 39 - and still smoked the Spurs. At this point, I've given up all hope of understanding this team. There is no way in God's green earth the Sonics should lead San Antonio in Texas by 20 points at halftime, unless Tim Duncan showed up in a Paris Hilton video and had to take some time off. Yet, sure enough, the Sonics did the same thing to the Spurs they've done to every team in the league - make them play the Sonics' game.

Seriously, is there any player in the league more valuable than Danny Fortson right now? Does any of this happen if the Sonics keep Booth and don't pick up the Fort? Certainly food for thought.

Good Sign:
Mavs are 1-4 at home against teams with winning records.
Bad Sign: 2nd game of a back to back; the Diggler went for 50+ a few days ago.

Questions: How much will Finley play? Will Don Nelson continue using his "big lineup" of Erick Dampier, Nowitzki, and Alan Henderson?

Notes: "I feel like now, in the NBA, I'm basically auditioning for a job." - Ray Allen after last night's game in S.A. ... Maverick opponents have committed 50 loose ball fouls to 22 by Dallas. The Sonics are at 48-48 ... The Mavs take 42% of their shots within 0-10 seconds. The Sonics take only 32% that quick. ... In Dallas' clutch win over Minny 2 nights ago, their 3 most effective players were Stackhouse, Terry, and Henderson - all at +13 while on the court. ... Allen and Lewis aren't the only guys playing major (too major?) minutes this year. Nowitzki and Josh Howard are both averaging close to 40 mpg over the past 10 games ... Despite averaging close to 30 ppg, Nowitzki's FG % is hovering near 40% in the last couple of weeks ... The Sonics are the 3rd-best FT shooting team in the league at about 80% ... The next time someone tells you that the Sonics are winning because they "share the ball" more, tell them to check the numbers. Seattle ranks 25th in team assists. The worst team in the league? Dallas. ... Oh, and the Sonics also rank in the middle of the pack in team steals (18th), so quash that "team defense" nonsense while you're at it.

Vegas line: Dallas by 5 1/2
Over/Under: 202
Prediction: Sonics 108-Mavericks 102
Record Against the Spread: 8-3

Ehlo is Mint!

In case you missed it: Ehlo is Mint!

Wednesday, December 8

Sonics smack Spurs, 102-96

Is it safe to call the Sonics the best in the west now?
SAN ANTONIO (AP) -- Ray Allen scored 29 points, including a pair of 3-pointers late in the game, as the Seattle SuperSonics ended San Antonio's 21-game home winning streak with a 102-96 victory over the Spurs on Wednesday night.

The game was a matchup of the NBA's winningest teams: San Antonio came in at 16-3 and riding an eight-game streak, while the SuperSonics were 15-3 and had won six of their last seven.

Seattle looked like a runaway winner early, using 58 percent shooting from the floor to build a 19-point lead at the half.

But the Spurs came out running after the break, and eventually whittled Seattle's lead to 83-81 on a reverse layup by Malik Rose with 6:36 remaining. Allen followed with a 3-pointer and Danny Fortson made two free throws and a layup to make it 90-81

Read the rest at Yahoo!

Game Night # 19

Sonics vs. Spurs tonight

It's been a heckuva long time since a regular season game had this much intrigue for Sonic fans. The Spurs are clearly the best team in the West, yet if Seattle wins, it'll be the Sonics with the best record in the league, not San Antonio. Add in a 20-point whipping the Sonics laid on the Spurs a month ago, and you've got yourself a wonderful early Christmas present. Having seen the Spurs play at least four times on t.v. this year, I have to say they are one of the best teams I've seen in some time. San Antonio possesses the ability to turn it on seemingly at will, a characteristic of all championship teams. The key, of course, is holding Tim Duncan in check, which Seattle was successful at doing on Nov. 7th. While Duncan won't score 40 against the Sonics, I'd have to imagine he'll do better this time around.

Good Sign:
Seattle had 6 players in double figures in the first meeting.
Bad Sign: San Antonio is undefeated at home this season, and has won 21 straight on their own court.

Questions: Is Duncan ready for the multiple defenders Seattle will throw at him? Can the Sonics keep it close in an unfriendly environment? Is this where the wheels begin to come off the cart for Seattle?

Notes: Brent Barry missed 17 consecutive 3's before connecting against Chicago on Monday. He's shooting 30% beyond the arc this year ... Tony Parker went for 21 back on Nov. 7 in Seattle, but Ridnour has really improved his defense since then ... The Spurs' 5 of Parker-Ginobili-Bowen-Duncan-Nesterovic is rated as 3rd-best in the league by Seattle's best 5 of Daniels-Allen-Lewis-Radmanovic-Fortson is rated 10th ... San Antonio is holding opponents to 40% shooting and only 24 FTA per game ... San Antonio's ratio of jumpers to close shots is 64% to 36%, while Seattle's is 70% to 30% ... Watch out for Devin Brown. The 4th-year SG has hit 11 of his last 18 3's and has scored in double figures in 5 of his last 6 games. It appears he has replaced Barry on the team's depth chart. ... I hate plugging people who give themselves nicknames, and I think he's a crappy, new-age type writer, but if you like reading about the Sonics on major websites, read Eric Neel's column.

Vegas line: Spurs by 10
Over/Under: 185 1/2
Prediction: Spurs 95 - Sonics 88
Record Against the Spread: 7-3

Monday, December 6

What do you want for Christmas?

Through the magic of Photoshop, Sonics guard Ray Allen pimps our new Supersonicsoul lunchbox.
Totally not Photoshopped at all. Much.

So, wondering what to get the Sonics fan who has everything? How about some official Supersonicsoul merchandise, designed by our very own Chunkstyle 23? The kids on the street are calling it both "phat" and "dope".

As for me, I'm still holding out for that free iPod. I only need two more people to "complete their offers" and that sweet little bit of digital goodness shall be MINE! BUH-HA-HA-HA!

What the duck?

That's one of my favorite Sam Perkins expressions, uttered in response to a strange question from a reporter. It is well applied to the Sonics' season so far, and is the subject of this article at by author Ed Weiland, wherein he looks at possible reasons for Seattle's success. Of course, he could have just read what I had written a month ago, but, well, that would just be petty, now, wouldn't it?

Sunday, December 5

Sonics bag Blazers, 99-89

The Seattle Sonics beat the Portland Trailblazers 99-89 Saturday night
"Now it's your turn, girl, to cry..."

The Sonics are MINT, baby!
SEATTLE (AP) -- While many wait for the Seattle SuperSonics' great start to fizzle out, they're finding new ways to win.

With Ray Allen struggling from the field, Vladimir Radmanovic came off the bench to score 20 points and gather 10 rebounds as the SuperSonics defeated the Portland Trail Blazers 99-89 Saturday night.

Rashard Lewis added 20 points for Seattle, which improved to 15-3 -- tied with San Antonio for the best record in the NBA.

from Yahoo!
Random Crap© from last night's game:
  • The Sonics are a perfect 9-0 at home this year.
  • Last night was the second straight sell-out at the Key.
  • Rad-man lead the team with 10 rebounds. No, I'm not kidding.

Saturday, December 4

Game Night #18: Blazers

Sparky Sucks
And you thought Squatch sucked!

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Like ice cream!

The Supersonics are looking for a double-scoop of payback tonight against arch-rival Portand, who robbed the Supes of a win last week.

If you're looking to get your hate on too, check out for some goodtime Blazer-bashing.

Friday, December 3


Too lazy to write a coherent column about why the Sonics continue to confound me by winning, so here's some interesting news in Larry King-style format:

Nate McMillan has been named coach of the month. Nate's also moving up the charts historically. He now ranks fourth all-time in coaching wins for the Sonics. Can you name the top 3? ... The Nuggets could look at Ibo Kutluay as a replacement for the injured Voshon Lenard. The league has given Denver a $1.625 "disabled player exemption" for the cap, and Kutluay - among a host of other similar guards - would fill the role nicely for the Nuggets. I can't see it happening, though, as Kutluay is signed through next season and Lenard will be back by then. We can always hope, though. Lord, that Ibo move was a bone-headed one. ... Up to this point in the season, the best 5 for the Sonics, statistically, has been Daniels-Allen-Lewis-Radmanovic-Fortson. According to, that group beats the other team more than 80% of the time. The ususal 5 of Ridnour-Allen-Lewis-Evans-James only wins 53%. ... As much as Fortson has been a godsend for this team, Radmanovic's efforts are as, if not more, important. Strangely, his stats are mirror images of last season's, yet he has had more of an impact statistically on the team's success than anyone else - including Ray Allen. ... Believe it or not, Seattle's making fewer 3's per game this year (8.52), than last year (8.82) ... Anyone else worried that Ray Allen is only shooting 38% from the field over the last 10 games? ... And finally, has anyone else gotten sucked into the hype surrounding the Next Great Artist, Katie Melua? The BBC has been hyping her album and people are expecting her to be the next Norah Jones. Well, I listened to about half of it, and the whole thing is a bunch of oversweetened treacle. I normally hate it when people say that music was better in the old days, but I'd rather listen to my scratched-up LP of Aretha Live at the Fillmore anyday. Melua isn't a poor man's Norah Jones, she's a paraplegic crack addict's Norah Jones.

Antonio Daniels: 24/7

Antonio Daniels of the Seattle Supersonics

Antonio Daniels, has his own website. No, I'm not making this up.

New Alt. Uni Poll

The Seattle Supersonics have a new jersey... and it Supersucks!
"New Yeller. Come back, yeller! Best doggone team in the West..."

In an informal poll of ESPN Page 2 readers, almost 60% of 74,000+ respondents thought the Sonics' new alternate uniforms were better than their "old" ones.

Having participated in all 5 polls for the teams with new alt unis, I have decided that yellow is the new teal.

supersonicsoul fashion correspondent

Thursday, December 2

Don't call it a comeback: Sonics top Utah in OT

Nate goes nuts

The Sonics keep on figuring out new ways to win:
SEATTLE (AP) -- The Seattle SuperSonics' confidence is growing game by game.

With the way they've been playing lately, it certainly should.

After Vladimir Radmanovic's 3-pointer with 10.5 seconds left sent the game into overtime, the surprising Sonics improved to 14-3 with a 129-119 victory over the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night.

``We've won lots of different games lots of different ways,'' Ray Allen said. ``A lot of different guys have stepped up and played big for us.''

Allen scored a season-high 38 points, including nine in overtime, as the Sonics overcame Carlos Boozer's career-high 36-point performance.

from Yahoo!
Some interesting things from last night:
  • The Sonics not only have the best record in the NBA (14-3), but they are (dare I say) a perfect 8-0 at home.
  • Ray Allen scored a season-high 38 points. Big deal, right? Well, he only had nine points at the half!
  • Luke Ridnour tied his career-high with 17 points. Little Frodo was 3-4 from three-point range and had 10 assists for the second game in a row.

Wednesday, December 1

Game Night #17: Utah

I hates Utah

The Canadian Mounties just informed me that Nussbaum was too high to write tonight's Supersonicsoul Pre-Game Show©, so I'm going to have to make this a Supersonicsoul Pre-Fourth Quarter Show© :

At the end of the third, Sonics lead the Jazz 85-82.

Big Prediction of the Night: Carlos Boozer is going to score at least 40 points (because he already has 32 points!).

Fortson: Friend or Foe?

Danny Fortson: A call for help?
"I think it's time for an intervention, Fort."

It's no secret that the Supersonicsoul Crew© has got much love for Danny Fortson. Da Fort has added muscle and toughness to the otherwise wallflower Sonics. Kinda like that "My Bodyguard" movie. And, like the bodyguard in that movie, Fort is a little bit nuts, and some of his teammates have taken notice:
PORTLAND — The Sonics pride themselves on their unselfishness and team unity, but in the wake of blowing a double-digit fourth-quarter lead, several players expressed a growing disdain toward Danny Fortson and his antics, which might have cost them a game they believed they should have won.

They love his defensive aggressiveness and the way he gobbles up rebounds, but it's times like last night, when Fortson gets drawn into a verbal confrontation with the opposition and refuses to walk away, that his teammates shake their heads in disgust.

Read the rest of Percy Allen's column in The Seattle Times.
So, what do you think? Is Da Fort worth the risk, like a Bulls-era Rodman? Or is he a team-busting cancer, like a Lakers-era Rodman?

Sonics slip in Portland, 100-94

Damn you, Portland!
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- Shareef Abdur-Rahim methodically stayed with his game and didn't let the theatrics get to him.

Abdur-Rahim scored 25 points and was 10-for-10 from the free-throw line to lead the Portland Trail Blazers to a come-from-behind 100-94 victory over Seattle SuperSonics on Tuesday night.

The Sonics, who entered with a league-best 13-2 record and a four-game winning streak, but unraveled after taking a 13-point lead in the second half. Trash talk, technicals and a couple of key flagrant fouls aided the disintegration, and Danny Fortson was ejected.

All the while, Abdur-Rahim kept his cool.

Read the rest at Yahoo!

Tuesday, November 30

Game Night # 16

Back in my halycon college days, I was the only Sonic fan in a university full of Blazermaniacs. It was the time of Clyde the Glide, Mercy, Mercy Jerome Kersey, and Rip City. It was also the time of the rebirth of the Sonics, with Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton leading the Supes to the brink of greatness. I vividly remember the Sonics knocking off the Blazers to force a Game 5 in either '91 or '92, enabling me to blare Pearl Jam's "I'm Still Alive" at full blast throughout the dorm. The bloom has come off the Rose City, though, with the Blazers mired in scandal (bad) and mediocrity (worse). The team that sold out every game for decades has now become almost persona non grata in the Portland, and I could not be happier. Seattle hasn't won in Portland in two years, but with a 13-2 record that could change tonight.

Good Sign:
The Sonics have only lost once since Opening Night.
Bad Sign: The Blazers are - as always - a weird team. They've also won 3 of 4, including a sweep in Florida of Orlando and Miami.

Questions: How is Theo Ratliff's back? Will Darius Miles' grouchiness about playing time affect his team? How is Rashard's sore left elbow? Who will shut down Zach Randolph?

Notes: Randolph has 7 double-doubles this year ... "Well, it was a win," said Mo Cheeks after Portland's 83-71 triumph over New Jersey recently ... Former Sonics Richie Frahm and Vladimir Stepania are sidelined with "injuries"; I think Ibowho Kutluay has got the same virus ...

Vegas line: Blazers by 1 1/2
Over/Under: 183
Prediction: Sonics 99 - Blazers 92
Record Against the Spread: 6-3

Monday, November 29

Go "Sonocs"!

Gee, I wonder why no one has bid on this ?
"It looks good when off and even more lovely when turn on, bright enough to shine up your whole room with eye-catching!"
Hurry "Sonocs" fans - this auction ends soon!

Sonics punish Pacers, 103-95

Rashard Lewis blocks the hell out of it.
Rashard blocks the hell out of Croshere's weak-ass attempt.

Well, they didn't cover my spread, but the Sonics still managed to beat Indiana, 103-95, last night at the Key.

Seattle won despite another gutsy effort by the short-handed Pacers, who lost three starters in the aftermath of "Pummel-Gate". Pacers guard James Jones, making like (a not-hideously-ugly) Reggie Miller, scored a career-high 27 points, including six three-pointers.

Rashard Lewis came back from a shoulder injury three days ago to lead the team with 22 points and four blocks. 'Shard was one of six Sonics who scored in double-digits.

Seattle improved their NBA-best record to 13-2 and a perfect 7-0 at home. This is the Sonics' best start since '93-94. If this team turns out to be half as good as that one, we're in for one hell of a ride.

Sunday, November 28

Game Night #15: Pacers

Well, Nussbaum usually writes these pre-game reports, but he's off doing whatever godless Canadians do on Sundays. So, here's the Paul-version of the Supersonicsoul Pre-game Show© :

Uh... Sonics play the Pacers tonight. It's a home game. The Pacers don't, like, have any players because they all got suspended or something, but they still have one of the best records in the league. Go figure.

My prediction: Sonics 248 Pacers 4
My record this season: 0-14
Stupid Question of the Night: Whatever happened to Rik Smits?

Go Sonics!

Friday, November 26

Sonics nix Nets, 92-79

It's a good time to be a Sonics fan.

The Supes clobbered the Nets tonight, 92-79, at the Key. Seattle blew the doors off the place right from the start, leading 21-8 after the first quarter, and were up by 21 at the half.

Danny Fortson had a huge game for the Sonics, coming off the bench for 20 points and 8 rebounds.

Despite poor shooting (.395 from the field), and a third quarter comeback by the Nets, Seattle hung on to improve their NBA-best record to 12-2 and 6-0 at home (and 1-0 when dressing like the Golden State Warriors).

The Sonics play the depleted Pacers at home on Sunday.

Game Night # 14

You wouldn't have thought at the end of last season that the Nets would have lost 7 in a row and the Sonics would have the best record in the NBA, but, in the words of Joaquin Andujar, "Youneverknow." To say the Nets are struggling is to say Ben Affleck's movie career is struggling. They're so bad a guy with one good kidney, not even his own, wants out of town. They're so bad, fans are calling for the return of Dennis Hopson.

Good Sign:
The Sonics drove Hubie Brown into retirement - is Lawrence Frank next?
Bad Sign: The Nets were able to get the Sonics to play at their crappy level in their hideousnessfest last week.

Questions: Will either team crack 90 points? Will the Sonics' alternate unis be their undoing? Is all yellow ever a good fashion choice for anyone but Corazon Aquino?

Notes: A rumor on the net has the Sonics showing interest in Vince Carter. Can't imagine what reason they would have. ... George Karl is rumored to be a possibility to replace Hubie Brown in Memphis ... Ray Allen had a case of bronchitis recently, the possible cause of his recent poor shooting ... Flip Murray isn't expected back for Sunday's game ...

Vegas line: Sonics by 12
Over/Under: 179 1/2
Prediction: Sonics 91-Nets 78
Record Against the Spread: 5-3

Wednesday, November 24

Sonics gouge Grizzlies, 93-84

"Excuse me young man, have you seen my Jheri-Curl?"

O.K., maybe "gouge" is a bit much. More like "escape with their lives".

Despite poor shooting and tired legs, the Sonics pulled out a 93-84 victory in Memphis tonight, improving their league-best record to 11-2 for the year.

The Sonics couldn't buy a shot in the first half, and looked every bit like a team on the tail-end of a six-game road trip. Luckily, the Grizzlies were in even worse shape, missing Pau Gasol, James Posey, and Stromile Swift to injuries.

After a slow start, the Sonics roared back to take a 14-point lead in the third. The Grizz made a good run late in the fourth, cutting the lead to two with six minutes to go in the game, but the Supes hung on for the win.

There was a scary moment for Sonic fans in the fourth, when Ray Allen went down with a sprained ankle. He returned to finish the game, however, as the entire city of Seattle gave out a collective "Whew!".

Game Night # 13

I give up. I know I could keep churning out negativity, saying there's no way Rashard can keep it up, that Ray Allen's a poser ... but, man, after last night's game, I'm not just on the bandwagon, I'm driving the frickin' horses. Danny Fortson sitting on Kevin Garnett? Rashard posting people up? Are you kidding me? In the immortal words of Jimmy Johnson, "How 'bout them Sonics!"

Good Sign:
Beating the Timberwolves, San Antone, and Sac-town will qualify.
Bad Sign: The Grizzlies are better than their record, and led the Sonics by 20 in their first meeting before Seattle rallied to win 118-113.

Questions: Can the Griz survive without Gasol? Can Bonzi Wells continue his strong play? Will Rashard continue to impress?

Notes: Daniels had his best game of the season against Memphis a week ago (28 points) ... Kudos to Fort, et al for holding Garnett in check last night (16 points!) ... Only 2 NBA players have A:TO ratio of higher than 5; AD and Brent Barry ... Danny Fortson is tied for the league lead in T's (5) and fouls per game (5.1). Keep on bangin', Fort.

Vegas line: Grizzlies by 4 1/2
Over/Under: 197 1/2
Prediction: Sonics 102-Grizzlies 95
Record Against the Spread: 4-3

Breaking News: Supplemental Alternate Every-Other Sunday Road Uniform Variants Unveiled

And there you have it:

Sorry, no pinstripes, Hank. Nothing radical like Dirk's ensemble below, but it coulda been worse.

Tuesday, November 23

New Jerseys vs. New Jersey!

Dirk the Diggler Dons Dandy Duds. Similar Sartorial Splendor for Sonics?

Hey! No one told me about this:

Five NBA teams will sport a new look on the court this season as the Atlanta Hawks, Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, New Orleans Hornets and Seattle SuperSonics launch new second road uniforms for the 2004-05 NBA season. (

The Sonics unveil their new unis at the game against New Jersey, this Friday, the Day After Thanksgiving! It's gotta be something predominantly Sonics Gold, wouldn't you figure?

I'm tempted to go. I mean, sure, winning 10 out of 12 games, including 4 (possibly 5?!) out of six games on a Eastern roadtrip, should be reason enough to go out and show the guys some support. But hel-LOW, new uniforms, people! It'll be like a fashion show with a 94-foot runway and 7-foot tall models. FAB-ulous!

Raining on my own parade: Then again, I should know better from my experience last year where I was something like 0-4 in games where the Supes wore their "special" throwback uniforms.

Sonics tame Timberwolves, 103-92

Don't call it a comeback.

After having their nine game win streak stopped by the Celtics on Sunday, the Sonics beat the Timberwolves in Minnesota tonight, 103-92. They improved their record to 4-1 on the current road trip and 9-2 overall.

The Sonics held all-universe superstar Kevin Garnett to 5-16 from the floor. Rashard Lewis lead the team with 27 points, including 4-5 from three-point range, while Ray Allen fought off some nasty flu to play 42 minutes and score 24 points.

The bench played a big role again, accounting for 39 points. Vladimir Radmanovic led the reserve crew with 17 points.

The Supes finish off their road trip tomorrow at Memphis.

Game Night # 12

A matchup of Northwest Division superpowers in Minnesota as the Sonics tangle with the T-Wolves. Kevin Garnett is, well, probably the best statistical player in the league and is coming off a near triple-double in Minny's last game.

Good Sign:
Seattle's interior presence is better than last year.
Bad Sign: The Wolves took 3 of 4 last year.

Questions: Will Danny Forston get some calls from the zebras? Is Sam Cassell fully healthy? Can the Sonics keep Garnett in some sort of check, and who's going to shut him down?

Notes: What was the name of that guy who was supposed to help the Sonics drain 3's off the bench? Ibawhat? ... Michael Olowokandi could miss the game with the flu ... Fortson pulled a trifecta in the Seattle media, as all 3 papers ran stories about his lack of respect from NBA refs ... Garnett shot 68% against the Sonics in 4 games last season ... Ray Allen has made more 3's this year (36) than any T-Wolf has attempted (35, Hudson) ... Allen is hitting only 40% from the field over the last 3 games.

Vegas line: T-Wolves by 6 1/2
Over/Under: 191 1/2
Prediction: T-Wolves 97-Sonics 83
Record Against the Spread: 4-2

Monday, November 22


Credit my brother with pointing this out:

The Pistons get into a huge on-court fight with Indiana, it spills out onto the crowd, the game is ended prematurely, a guy gets suspended for the season, four others get suspended for lengthy terms...

and Rasheed Wallace didn't have anything to do with it.

It's Go Time

The rubber is about to meet the road. The Sonics – and their playoff-thirsty fans – are on the verge of finding out if their early-season successes are a legitimate indication of talent or just that – early-season successes.

For the first 11 games of the year, Sonics opponents were less than stellar, with a cumulative record of 48-52, for a 48% winning percentage.

Contrast that to the next 11 games, when Seattle will go up against teams with a record of 59-46 (56 %).

Utah, Minnesota, Dallas, San Antonio – they all await. Thankfully, the Sonics will meet Eastern power Indiana while the Pacers are still reeling from the Malice at Auburn Hills, but the schedule is nonetheless intimidating. This next fortnight will tell us the truth about the Sonics; if they win less than 5 games, then this team is no different than the ‘02-‘03 version that stormed out of the gate at 8-2 before crashing into the guiderail within a month.


Some random notes:

According to, Seattle’s four best players are Radmanovic, Daniels, Allen, and Fortson. It’s worth noting that the Sonics produce a 73% winning percentage with AD as opposed to Ridnour’s 60% ... Using John Hollinger’s PER rating (15 is considered the league average), Seattle’s 2-guards are at 25.6 per game while opponents’ 2-guards are at 11.6 ... This isn’t about the Sonics, but it’s worth mentioning. After Vince Carter’s iPod debacle last week, Carter happened to notice Tim Duncan using same before their game on Sunday. Air(head) Carter pointed out said fact to a reporter, who ratted out Duncan. Nice work, Vince. Too bad you couldn’t score more than four points against the Spurs, though.

Streaky Sonics stopped by Celitcs, 102-83

Well, I guess winning 80 games this year was a little much to ask:
BOSTON — And on the seventh day they lost.

After enduring a week's worth of late-night airplane flights, unexpected bus trips and hotel food, the Sonics traveled to the fourth city of their six-game, 10-day odyssey yesterday and looked exhausted.

Their crisp shooting, which had been largely responsible for their nine-game winning streak, disappeared for long stretches of last night's 102-83 loss to the Boston Celtics, giving Seattle (9-2) its first loss since the season opener Nov. 3.

Read more at The Seattle Times
and Celticsblog .
Now that we've seen (or heard, I guess) Gary play again, does anyone want to bring him back to Seattle? Make sure to take our Payton Poll!

Sunday, November 21

New Commenting System

Due to the utter crappiness and unreliability of Blogger's commenting system, I've switched over to Haloscan. That means no more missing message pages and no more registration hassles... just straight-up trash talking! If you're looking for your old comments, you can still view them in the permalinks (the one with the time) and the Archives (lower right-hand column).

So start commenting, peoples!

Could the Glove still fit in Seattle?

Gary is bummed in Beantown.

Gary Payton, who faces off against the Sonics this afternoon, wants to come back to Seattle:
"I wish I could have stayed in Seattle and I wish I can go back and finish my career there," Payton said. "It's never going to be that I don't like Seattle. I love Seattle. And it might happen. It could happen and it couldn't. But I think it could. It could. That's just something that's going to have to be seen in the future."

When asked again if he's serious about a return to the city where he spent the first 13 years of his NBA career, the 36-year-old Payton reaffirmed his statement.

Yeah, because I would want the fans to come back and see me retire where I started and all of that," he said. "I would like to make my last hurrah there."

from the Seattle Times.
I wanted the Sonics to make a move for Gary last summer, but now that the team is off to such a great start, do they really want to mess with success? Granted, the guy is a fan favorite (and a Supersonicsoul favorite!) and a future hall of famer, but on a team stacked with small-fry guards, who would you deal for G.P.? Daniels? Ridnour? Murray? Take our new poll here!

Saturday, November 20

Sonics rock Raptors, 101-94

Nine in a row! There's a party going on right here...
TORONTO (AP) -- The Seattle SuperSonics aren't satisfied with just having the NBA's best record.

Rashard Lewis scored 27 points and Ray Allen had 24 to lead the SuperSonics to their ninth straight victory, 101-94 over the Toronto Raptors on Friday night.

Seattle is 9-1.

``We have to get better. We have to start doing some things better to continue to win,'' SuperSonics coach Nate McMillan said. ``We're not happy with just winning these games. It's a way we want to win. We're working hard and doing some good things, but to beat those good teams in the NBA you've got to have consistency in your defensive effort, your halfcourt execution, because teams will find ways to slow you down. We're finding ways to win games.''

from Yahoo!

Friday, November 19

Game Night # 10

This could be Vince Carter's last appearance in Toronto - or he might be traded before tip-off, so who knows what will happen tonight in Hogtown (Did you know that that's Toronto's nickname? Jesus, what kind of bet do you have to lose to get stuck with that monicker?). It would appear the smart money is on the Sonics, with all the turmoil surrounding Carter's rumored departure for Portland, not to mention his insistence on playing the soundtrack to "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" over the clubhouse speakers after the NBA banned him from using his iPod.

Good Sign:
For crying out loud, they've won 8 straight!
Bad Sign: The Raptors hung in tough with the Sonics last week before losing by a point in Seattle.

Questions: Will Ray Allen find his shot again tonight? Will Carter and Jalen Rose be with the team? Again, why call yourself Hogtown?

Notes: The Raptors outscored Seattle 28-18 in the 3rd quarter of last week's game, nearly eclipsing the Sonics' 14-point halftime lead ... Carter's 15 ppg is the worst of his career. Not to mention his 38% FG percentage ...

Vegas line: Pick 'em
Over/Under: 200 1/2
Prediction: Sonics 97-Raptors 89.
Record Against the Spread: 3-2

Thursday, November 18

The Sports Guy Scouts Supes

The ever-quotable Bill Simmons had a little blurb on our beloved SuperSonics. An excerpt:
But here's what they do have: Radmanovic and Lewis can shoot the lights out. So can Allen, who's in a contract year (and we know what that means). Luke Ridnour looked nervous on opening night, but he gives them a classic slash-and-kick point guard, like the kind that always gives USA teams trouble in international games. Antonio Daniels has evolved into one of the better bench guys in the league. So why not gear everything around those five guys and try to shoot the lights out every game? For instance, they made a whopping 18 threes in Philly Tuesday night ... you're not losing many games when that happens.
He then goes on to outline some interesting trade scenarios, none of which include Ray Allen?! The tidbit about the Suns was intriguing too--haven't caught them on TV yet, but they sound like a fun squad.

Sonics cut down Nets, 79-68.

It wasn't pretty, but the Sonics won their eighth in a row tonight in New Jersey, 79-68.

The Sonics only scored 36 points in the first half, but luckily the Nets only scored 29. Ray Allen struggled against Richard Jefferson, but in the end it was defense that won the game. Danny Fortson was a beast again, knocking Alonzo Mourning around down low (watch the kidneys!) and taking up space in the paint.

The Sonics won another hard-nosed, east-coast basketball game on the road. Who says they're just a bunch of shooters?

Wednesday, November 17

Sonics stop Sixers, 103-95

The Sonics are an unstoppable force of unstoppableness!
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Wide open or contested, the Seattle SuperSonics hit 3-pointers from all over the court.

Ray Allen scored a season-high 37 points, Rashard Lewis had 21 and Vladimir Radmanovic added 20, leading Seattle to its seventh straight victory, 103-95 over the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday night.

The Sonics are off to their best start since opening 10-0 in 1993. They haven't lost since dropping their opener to the Los Angeles Clippers by 30 points after going 2-6 in exhibition games.

``Everybody stepped up and played their part,'' Allen said. ``We had it working on all cylinders.''

from Yahoo!

Tuesday, November 16

Bring on the Sixers

It's less than an hour to tip-off. A win tonight against the Sixers will give Seattle their best start since the '93 squad started 10-0. That team, of course, went on to win 63 games, and advanced all the way to game seven of the Western Conference Finals.

Danny Fortson returns to the court after serving a one-game suspension for head-butting Chris Bosh last week. As Fortson said yesterday, "If Danny Fortson tones it down, then Danny Fortson is a non-factor."

Wait, did he speak in the third-person TWICE in one sentence? That's bordering on Ricky Henderson territory. Sweet.

Monday, November 15

Smack This

Reggie Evans on Pau Gasol refering to an exchange of elbows and words during the game this weekend:

"I don't know what's wrong with that girl."

¿Cómo usted ahora tienen gusto de mí, Pau?

The True Test, version 8

"It's early."

There should be a way to bet on when it is officially okay to stop saying that.

Each time the Sonics win, everyone has to revise their "True Test" criteria ("The True Test of this team's character will be apparent when they...")

Witness the team's past performance in previous True Tests:
  • ...Play a team they should beat at home. Pass: Win 106-85 vs. ATL
  • ...Play the San Antonio Spurs. Pass: Win 113-94
  • ...Play the Sacramento Kings. Pass: Win 108-78
  • ...Play on the road. Pass: Win 108-88 @ DEN. Double bonus points for winning in the second of a back-to-back!
  • ...Have a close/poor shooting game. Pass: Win 88-87
  • ...Get down big/early. Pass: Win 118-113 vs. MEM
and so on...

Tomorrow's True Test: Go On The Long-Ass East Coast Road Trip. SURELY this six-games-in-10-days stretch will expose the Sonics as pretenders, eh, doubters? Everyone's got their "I told you so's" in their back pockets, ready to whip out when the Sonics streak ends in Philly or Toronto.

And if by some miracle the Sonics pass this test, we've got these Future True Tests ready to go:
  • Do the Texas Three-Step
  • Hit the January Dog Days
  • Lose a star to injury
  • Get their team bus bombarded by radioactive meteors
  • Are featured on a Sports Illustrated cover (won't happen)
The beauty of the True Test is you can just keep coming up with more and no one, our Supersonicsoulselves included, ever, ever has to go on record saying the Sonics are any good and risk having to retract some ludicrous statement like...

"Seattle SuperSonics: NBA Champs 2004-2005!"

I bet Pistons fans would have been pegged as crazy if they said anything like that about their team this time last year. Just sayin'...

Glory Days

Am I the only one out there who’s wondering what the heck is going on in Seattle? How in the world can a 37-win team have the 2nd-best record in the league? Have they sold their souls?

Let’s look at the numbers.

From last season to this, the Sonics are amazingly consistent in almost all statistical categories. Much has been made about the improved rebounding, but in actual fact the Sonics are only averaging one more board this season than they did last year. Passing? Nope, Seattle’s getting three fewer assists in 04-05. Steals? Blocks? No to both of those. How about fouls, surely the Sonics are being smarter with the refs? Um, no, the Supes are hacking the other team an extra five times a game.

Ah, shooting, that must be it, right? Well, the Sonics are shooting 46.5% this year as opposed to 44.6% last year, which is a significant improvement, but since they’re attempting three fewer shots a game, it’s pretty much a wash. The same goes for treys, where Seattle is averaging .5 fewer threes made per game.

Despite all that, the Sonics are averaging 6 ppg more this season.

Well, jeez, man, what are the Sonics doing better? Believe it or not, only three areas.

Free throws made, opposition rebounds, and opposition FT percentage.

The Sonics are making an extra six FTs every game over last season. There are four main benefactors: Fortson (+4.8 from last season’s 0), Lewis (+1.8), Daniels (+1.5), and Frodo (+1.5). The remainder of the team is only slightly off their results from last year, meaning these four guys have made the difference.

The second area, rebounds, is even more extreme. Last year, Sonic opponents averaged 42 boards a game. This year? 32, a difference of 10 rebounds every game. It means the Sonics are averaging eight more rebounds than their opponents each night.

Thirdly is opposition FT percentage. Last year, opponents shot 77% at the line, making 19.1 per game. This year, it’s at 70%, making 18.4 per game. That’s costing opponents almost two points per game, a significant number.

Can the Sonics keep it up? Well, the FTs are something the Sonics should continue to do well. The rebounds, though, are doubtful. Being that the Pistons, certainly one of the top rebounders in the league, only averaged two more boards than their foes last season, it is unlikely the Supes could keep up a pace of four times that for the rest of the season. And, of course, it is very unlikely that Sonic opponents will continue their Reggie Evans impersonations at the foul line, unless Coach McMillan has telekinetic powers that he has – up till now – decided to keep under wraps.

To paraphrase Robert Plant, “Sonics, your time is gonna come.”

Sonics stop the Grizz, 118-113

The Supes won their sixth in a row last night, coming back from 21 down late in the third to win 118-113 over the Grizz:
``It's a 48-minute game and we've talked about that,'' coach Nate McMillan said after watching his team outscore the Grizzlies 34-13 in the final period. ``We just wanted to get slowly back into the game, get a stop and score, get a stop and score. That's exactly what we did.''

from Yahoo!
With DaFort on DaBench (serving a one game suspension for a flying elbow drop to Chris Bosh's melon last Friday), the Sonics had to rely on their small guys, and they delivered. Ray Allen had 34, and Nussbaum's boy, Antonio Daniels, had 28. Oh, and how did Frodo do?
"Ridnour -- or whatever the hell his name is -- he knocked down a lot of shots, too," Grizzlies center Lorenzen Wright said. "I think we got a little relaxed when we were up 20."

from the Seattle PI
(Just for the record, "whatever the hell his name is" scored 17 and had eight assists.)

Is it too early to get excited? Probably. Is that stopping me? Nope.

Sunday, November 14

R.I.P. O.D.B.

Ol' Dirty Bastard, R.I.P.

From Reuters:
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard, whose criminal lifestyle and strange behavior overshadowed his work as one of the founding members of rap collective Wu-Tang Clan, collapsed and died in New York on Saturday, his record label said.

The artist, whose real name was Russell Jones, was found in a recording studio complaining of chest pains, a source told Reuters. Paramedics were called but were unable to save him. A spokeswoman said the cause of death was unknown.

"Russell inspired all of us with his spirit, wit, and tremendous heart," said a statement from Roc-A-Fella Records, the label founded by rapper Jay-Z. "The world has lost a great talent, but we mourn the loss of our friend."

In the hip-hop genre, where many performers attract the attention of the law and most spare no expense flaunting their extravagant lifestyles, Jones was in a class of his own.

Jones, who was in his mid-30s, fathered 13 children, according to Blender magazine. His other stage names included Dirt McGirt and Big Baby Jesus, the latter moniker inspired by his belief that "I always been Jesus."

Friday, November 12

Sonics edge Raptors, 88-87

SEATTLE(AP) -- Antonio Daniels' driving 8-foot shot with 7.2 seconds left gave the Seattle SuperSonics an 88-87 victory over the Toronto Raptors on Friday night.

Vince Carter of the Raptors missed a driving reverse layup as time expired.

The Sonics (5-1) won their fifth consecutive game after a 30-point, season-opening road loss to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Ray Allen, who fouled out with 5:20 to go and the Sonics trailing 76-75, led his team with 29 points, including five 3-pointers.

Read the rest at Yahoo!

At the half: Sonics lead 48-34

In the first half, Ray Allen: 19 points, Vince Carter: 3. Supes up by 14.

Ray-Ray vs. Vinsanity!

Well, Ray's got his own lunchbox, but Vince has a towel on his head!  How can I choose?!

After tonight's game, be sure to vote in our new poll:

Thursday, November 11

Sonics Clobber Kings, 108-78

Brad Miller is a pussy
"Mommy, the mean man took away my ball!"

Spank, crush, clobber... if the Sonics keep playing like this, I'm going to run out of adjectives!
SEATTLE (AP) -- Even Ray Allen is surprised at what the Seattle SuperSonics are doing.

Allen scored 20 points and Rashard Lewis added 18, leading the Sonics to their fourth consecutive victory, 108-78 over the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night.

Allen, a four-time All-Star, knows Seattle's roster isn't the best in the NBA, but he and his teammates are outworking the opposition.

``Every year you talk about who's going to win the championship and who's going to come in last place, but that's based on talent,'' Allen said. ``It's not who works the hardest, and who works the hardest is going to win a game every night.''

The Sonics, who won only 37 games last season and missed the playoffs for the second straight year, got 16 points and 13 rebounds from reserve power forward Danny Fortson. His inside presence has been a key to Seattle's 4-1 start.

Read the rest at Yahoo!
The Sonics started fast the last couple years, but it was mostly due to streaky shooting. This year, however, The Supes are winning because of (gasp!) defense and hustle. You know the Sonics are playing tough D when that big pussy Brad Miller starts bitching about Reggie Evans playing "dirty".

Wednesday, November 10

At the half: Sonics 53, Kings 39

The Kings are shooting .268 in the first half. Reggie Evans has 10 boards. Frodo has five assists and is 2-2 from three-point land. Life is good.

Sonics crush Nuggets, 108-88

Danny "The Fortress" Fortson puts the clamps on Kenyon.

The Sonics Smackdown Express just keeps on a-rolling:
DENVER -- There was a team that didn't play much defense here last night.

A team that looked out of touch with its coach, resembled little more than a speed bump as its opponent raced to 100 points and was incapable of matching up with a strong breeze beneath the basket.

Sounds like the Sonics a week ago, right?

Not anymore. They have won three in a row after giving the Denver Nuggets the business end of the stick in a 108-88 skewering at the Pepsi Center last night.

Ray Allen scored 30 points, Rashard Lewis had 27, and the Sonics (3-1) led by double figures the final 17 minutes to win their third game in a row by 19 or more.

Read the rest at the Seattle PI
So, is this team for real, or are they just another early-season mirage for desperate Sonics fans like me?

Monday, November 8

Sonics Spank Spurs, 113-94

Sonics forward Danny Fortson grabs the ball with gusto, damn you bet.
"Damn right I got the ball, bitch!"


The Sonics cruised by the Spurs 113-94 last night. Yes, this is the same Sonics team that was picked by almost everyone to finish near the bottom of the NBA this season, that had their worst pre-season record in 20 years, and got waxed by the Clippers last week by 30 points.

Yes, those same Sonics shut down the perennial powerhouse Spurs by 19. The Supes looked good on both ends of the floor, shooting near 50 percent for the second game in a row, while holding Tim Duncan to 4-16 from the floor.

Danny Fortson had his best game as a Sonic, getting his first double-double of the year (15 points, 13 boards), and setting some bone-crushing picks on anyone dumb enough to get in his way.

Fortson wasn't the only Sonic on the hustle board. Jerome James got four blocks for the second game in a row, and I swear to god, I saw Ray Allen diving for a loose ball late in the fourth quarter with his team up by twenty.

I know it's early in the season, but... wow.

Saturday, November 6

Sonics win suckfest

Kenny goes Gollum on Frodo
"Gimmie that ring, Frodo!"

In a battle of two of the suckiest teams in the NBA, the Sonics stepped up and put the smackdown on Atlanta, 106-85 last night at The Key.

After getting their gills handed to them Wednesday by the Clippers, the Sonics came out last night looking to put the hurt on someone, even if that someone was the lowly Hawks.

Like an abused child who turns into the playground bully, the Supes kicked Atlanta to the ground and stole their lunch money. Despite a slow start (actually, a slow first three quarters), The Sonics played defense like Ye Olden Days, highlighted by a career-best five blocks from Rashard Lewis (Yes, that Rashard Lewis!).

Are the Gods of Basketball© finally listening to Nate's defensive prayers? Will this new found toughness carry on tomorrow against the Spurs? Probably not, but it beats the hell out of losing to The Clippers.

Thursday, November 4

Sonics get Clipped, 114-84

Not very Swift

If there's one thing we pride ourselves in here at Supersonicsoul, it's our brutal honesty. And the brutal, honest truth is I stopped watching this game at halftime:
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Bobby Simmons scored a career-high 30 points and the Los Angeles Clippers beat the Seattle SuperSonics 114-84 to win their season opener for the first time in eight years.

The win also was the most lopsided in an opener in franchise history for the Clippers. Their previous most one-sided victory to start a season was a 133-112 win over Milwaukee in 1976, when the Clippers were the Buffalo Braves.

Read the rest at Yahoo!
Not only was it a Clippers record, but it was the worst opening night loss for The Sonics since 1977.

Still, I feel a little bad for turning the game off. I should've been there for the team on opening night. When the team's down to the Clippers by a couple dozen, though, and you just got the Buffy: Season Five box set from the library... I mean, really, which would you rather watch?

(If anyone out there DID actually watch the entire game, please share your thoughts. It's part of the healing process.)

Wednesday, November 3


The all-new Sonics "D" held the Clippers to "only" 60 points in the first half. Seattle trails by 19 heading into the second half.

Oh yeah, and Craig Ehlo sucks.

Game One: A Bad Start

8:00 left in the 1st quarter, Sonics down 8-0 the Clippers!

Friday, October 29

Sonics on TV tonight. Woo.

TV Sports Basketball
Say hello to our new (fake) dance team!

The Seattle Supersonics close out their pre-season tonight against the Portland Trailblazers at Key Arena. Because most of the roster is injured, The Sonics will be starting only three players: Damien Wilkens, Mateen Cleaves, and Squatch.

The "game" will be shown on FSN tonight, and I will be watching because I am too stupid not to.