Thursday, November 18

The Sports Guy Scouts Supes

The ever-quotable Bill Simmons had a little blurb on our beloved SuperSonics. An excerpt:
But here's what they do have: Radmanovic and Lewis can shoot the lights out. So can Allen, who's in a contract year (and we know what that means). Luke Ridnour looked nervous on opening night, but he gives them a classic slash-and-kick point guard, like the kind that always gives USA teams trouble in international games. Antonio Daniels has evolved into one of the better bench guys in the league. So why not gear everything around those five guys and try to shoot the lights out every game? For instance, they made a whopping 18 threes in Philly Tuesday night ... you're not losing many games when that happens.
He then goes on to outline some interesting trade scenarios, none of which include Ray Allen?! The tidbit about the Suns was intriguing too--haven't caught them on TV yet, but they sound like a fun squad.


PN said...

I saw the Suns early in the season, and he's right, they're a helluva fun team to watch. In fact, a Sonics-Suns game would be a classic, Katie-bar-the-door barnburner (to quote Bob Blackburn).

It's worth noting how much scoring has gone up this year. I don't think anyone can point to a single item with conviction as the cause, but I, for one, will gladly give a pat on the back to whomever is most responsible for taking us out of the dark ages of Knicks-Pistons style hoops and back to the glory days of Junior Bridgemann, Mark Aguirre, and the entire Denver Nuggets.

Paul said...

Thanks Shawn (KEMP?!!), the new logo was designed by cartoonist/animator extraordinaire Rafael Calonzo, Jr. (aka Chunkstyle). Please buy many, many shirts because we are poor. Well, I am anyway. I had to sell my pants on Ebay!