Monday, November 15

Sonics stop the Grizz, 118-113

The Supes won their sixth in a row last night, coming back from 21 down late in the third to win 118-113 over the Grizz:
``It's a 48-minute game and we've talked about that,'' coach Nate McMillan said after watching his team outscore the Grizzlies 34-13 in the final period. ``We just wanted to get slowly back into the game, get a stop and score, get a stop and score. That's exactly what we did.''

from Yahoo!
With DaFort on DaBench (serving a one game suspension for a flying elbow drop to Chris Bosh's melon last Friday), the Sonics had to rely on their small guys, and they delivered. Ray Allen had 34, and Nussbaum's boy, Antonio Daniels, had 28. Oh, and how did Frodo do?
"Ridnour -- or whatever the hell his name is -- he knocked down a lot of shots, too," Grizzlies center Lorenzen Wright said. "I think we got a little relaxed when we were up 20."

from the Seattle PI
(Just for the record, "whatever the hell his name is" scored 17 and had eight assists.)

Is it too early to get excited? Probably. Is that stopping me? Nope.

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Vitora said...

Talk about energy in the Key! Having received discounted tickets, my entire family went and just about left in the second half. Luckily, I'm enough of a fan to keep them there, so we actually did get to watch the entire comeback. I still can't figure it out.

Oh, and "whatever the hell his name is" has tied his career high both times in the past two games. It's high time he actually comes out and gets more than 20.