Sunday, November 21

Could the Glove still fit in Seattle?

Gary is bummed in Beantown.

Gary Payton, who faces off against the Sonics this afternoon, wants to come back to Seattle:
"I wish I could have stayed in Seattle and I wish I can go back and finish my career there," Payton said. "It's never going to be that I don't like Seattle. I love Seattle. And it might happen. It could happen and it couldn't. But I think it could. It could. That's just something that's going to have to be seen in the future."

When asked again if he's serious about a return to the city where he spent the first 13 years of his NBA career, the 36-year-old Payton reaffirmed his statement.

Yeah, because I would want the fans to come back and see me retire where I started and all of that," he said. "I would like to make my last hurrah there."

from the Seattle Times.
I wanted the Sonics to make a move for Gary last summer, but now that the team is off to such a great start, do they really want to mess with success? Granted, the guy is a fan favorite (and a Supersonicsoul favorite!) and a future hall of famer, but on a team stacked with small-fry guards, who would you deal for G.P.? Daniels? Ridnour? Murray? Take our new poll here!

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