Tuesday, November 23

New Jerseys vs. New Jersey!

Dirk the Diggler Dons Dandy Duds. Similar Sartorial Splendor for Sonics?

Hey! No one told me about this:

Five NBA teams will sport a new look on the court this season as the Atlanta Hawks, Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, New Orleans Hornets and Seattle SuperSonics launch new second road uniforms for the 2004-05 NBA season. (NBA.com)

The Sonics unveil their new unis at the game against New Jersey, this Friday, the Day After Thanksgiving! It's gotta be something predominantly Sonics Gold, wouldn't you figure?

I'm tempted to go. I mean, sure, winning 10 out of 12 games, including 4 (possibly 5?!) out of six games on a Eastern roadtrip, should be reason enough to go out and show the guys some support. But hel-LOW, new uniforms, people! It'll be like a fashion show with a 94-foot runway and 7-foot tall models. FAB-ulous!

Raining on my own parade: Then again, I should know better from my experience last year where I was something like 0-4 in games where the Supes wore their "special" throwback uniforms.

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