Thursday, November 11

Sonics Clobber Kings, 108-78

Brad Miller is a pussy
"Mommy, the mean man took away my ball!"

Spank, crush, clobber... if the Sonics keep playing like this, I'm going to run out of adjectives!
SEATTLE (AP) -- Even Ray Allen is surprised at what the Seattle SuperSonics are doing.

Allen scored 20 points and Rashard Lewis added 18, leading the Sonics to their fourth consecutive victory, 108-78 over the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night.

Allen, a four-time All-Star, knows Seattle's roster isn't the best in the NBA, but he and his teammates are outworking the opposition.

``Every year you talk about who's going to win the championship and who's going to come in last place, but that's based on talent,'' Allen said. ``It's not who works the hardest, and who works the hardest is going to win a game every night.''

The Sonics, who won only 37 games last season and missed the playoffs for the second straight year, got 16 points and 13 rebounds from reserve power forward Danny Fortson. His inside presence has been a key to Seattle's 4-1 start.

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The Sonics started fast the last couple years, but it was mostly due to streaky shooting. This year, however, The Supes are winning because of (gasp!) defense and hustle. You know the Sonics are playing tough D when that big pussy Brad Miller starts bitching about Reggie Evans playing "dirty".


PN said...

Ordinarily, I'd take Allen's comments about "the team that plays the hardest wins" with a big ol' grain of salt. However, in the NBA the level of talent separation between star and reserve isn't that vast, and most of it can be made up by, I almost hate to say this, hustle and determination.

That said, it's clear the Sonics would be nowhere without Danny Fortson. He isn't just the team MVP, he's borderline the Second Coming for this city. God bless you, Danny Fortson.

chunkstyle23 said...

My favorite thing about Da Fort is that, even though he tends to get his inside shots stuffed back in his face a lot, he somehow gets the ball back for a second or third try. Most guys who get their shots blocked turn invisible out of sheer embarrassment. Da Fort doesn't seem to care, as long as he gets that ball back.

Anonymous said...