Saturday, November 6

Sonics win suckfest

Kenny goes Gollum on Frodo
"Gimmie that ring, Frodo!"

In a battle of two of the suckiest teams in the NBA, the Sonics stepped up and put the smackdown on Atlanta, 106-85 last night at The Key.

After getting their gills handed to them Wednesday by the Clippers, the Sonics came out last night looking to put the hurt on someone, even if that someone was the lowly Hawks.

Like an abused child who turns into the playground bully, the Supes kicked Atlanta to the ground and stole their lunch money. Despite a slow start (actually, a slow first three quarters), The Sonics played defense like Ye Olden Days, highlighted by a career-best five blocks from Rashard Lewis (Yes, that Rashard Lewis!).

Are the Gods of Basketball© finally listening to Nate's defensive prayers? Will this new found toughness carry on tomorrow against the Spurs? Probably not, but it beats the hell out of losing to The Clippers.

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