Monday, November 22

It's Go Time

The rubber is about to meet the road. The Sonics – and their playoff-thirsty fans – are on the verge of finding out if their early-season successes are a legitimate indication of talent or just that – early-season successes.

For the first 11 games of the year, Sonics opponents were less than stellar, with a cumulative record of 48-52, for a 48% winning percentage.

Contrast that to the next 11 games, when Seattle will go up against teams with a record of 59-46 (56 %).

Utah, Minnesota, Dallas, San Antonio – they all await. Thankfully, the Sonics will meet Eastern power Indiana while the Pacers are still reeling from the Malice at Auburn Hills, but the schedule is nonetheless intimidating. This next fortnight will tell us the truth about the Sonics; if they win less than 5 games, then this team is no different than the ‘02-‘03 version that stormed out of the gate at 8-2 before crashing into the guiderail within a month.


Some random notes:

According to, Seattle’s four best players are Radmanovic, Daniels, Allen, and Fortson. It’s worth noting that the Sonics produce a 73% winning percentage with AD as opposed to Ridnour’s 60% ... Using John Hollinger’s PER rating (15 is considered the league average), Seattle’s 2-guards are at 25.6 per game while opponents’ 2-guards are at 11.6 ... This isn’t about the Sonics, but it’s worth mentioning. After Vince Carter’s iPod debacle last week, Carter happened to notice Tim Duncan using same before their game on Sunday. Air(head) Carter pointed out said fact to a reporter, who ratted out Duncan. Nice work, Vince. Too bad you couldn’t score more than four points against the Spurs, though.