Wednesday, December 1

Fortson: Friend or Foe?

Danny Fortson: A call for help?
"I think it's time for an intervention, Fort."

It's no secret that the Supersonicsoul Crew© has got much love for Danny Fortson. Da Fort has added muscle and toughness to the otherwise wallflower Sonics. Kinda like that "My Bodyguard" movie. And, like the bodyguard in that movie, Fort is a little bit nuts, and some of his teammates have taken notice:
PORTLAND — The Sonics pride themselves on their unselfishness and team unity, but in the wake of blowing a double-digit fourth-quarter lead, several players expressed a growing disdain toward Danny Fortson and his antics, which might have cost them a game they believed they should have won.

They love his defensive aggressiveness and the way he gobbles up rebounds, but it's times like last night, when Fortson gets drawn into a verbal confrontation with the opposition and refuses to walk away, that his teammates shake their heads in disgust.

Read the rest of Percy Allen's column in The Seattle Times.
So, what do you think? Is Da Fort worth the risk, like a Bulls-era Rodman? Or is he a team-busting cancer, like a Lakers-era Rodman?

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