Thursday, December 23

Sick Sonics blow out Nuggets, 98-83

Seattle SuperSonics guard Ray Allen (R) wipes his snotty nose on Denver Nuggets forward Greg Buckner during the first half of their game at Key Arena in Seattle, Washington, December 22, 2004. REUTERS/Robert Sorbo
Ray Allen wipes his runny nose on Greg Buckner.

Despite Ray Allen's nose and Antonio Daniels' tonsils, the Sonics managed to beat the even sorrier Nuggets last night, 98-83 at the Key.

Allen, battling an upper respiratory infection, still played 41 minutes and scored 20 points. Daniels missed the game because of tonsillitis.

Danny Fortson, eager to join his ailing friends on the bench, managed to foul out in only 10 minutes of play, which may be a new Supersonics record.

Seattle didn't really need any of them. The Nuggets, missing star forward Carmelo Anthony, only scored 38 points in the first half and were never really in the game.

This was the last game for the Supes before Christmas. Seattle plays the Jazz in Utah on Monday.

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