Friday, December 3


Too lazy to write a coherent column about why the Sonics continue to confound me by winning, so here's some interesting news in Larry King-style format:

Nate McMillan has been named coach of the month. Nate's also moving up the charts historically. He now ranks fourth all-time in coaching wins for the Sonics. Can you name the top 3? ... The Nuggets could look at Ibo Kutluay as a replacement for the injured Voshon Lenard. The league has given Denver a $1.625 "disabled player exemption" for the cap, and Kutluay - among a host of other similar guards - would fill the role nicely for the Nuggets. I can't see it happening, though, as Kutluay is signed through next season and Lenard will be back by then. We can always hope, though. Lord, that Ibo move was a bone-headed one. ... Up to this point in the season, the best 5 for the Sonics, statistically, has been Daniels-Allen-Lewis-Radmanovic-Fortson. According to, that group beats the other team more than 80% of the time. The ususal 5 of Ridnour-Allen-Lewis-Evans-James only wins 53%. ... As much as Fortson has been a godsend for this team, Radmanovic's efforts are as, if not more, important. Strangely, his stats are mirror images of last season's, yet he has had more of an impact statistically on the team's success than anyone else - including Ray Allen. ... Believe it or not, Seattle's making fewer 3's per game this year (8.52), than last year (8.82) ... Anyone else worried that Ray Allen is only shooting 38% from the field over the last 10 games? ... And finally, has anyone else gotten sucked into the hype surrounding the Next Great Artist, Katie Melua? The BBC has been hyping her album and people are expecting her to be the next Norah Jones. Well, I listened to about half of it, and the whole thing is a bunch of oversweetened treacle. I normally hate it when people say that music was better in the old days, but I'd rather listen to my scratched-up LP of Aretha Live at the Fillmore anyday. Melua isn't a poor man's Norah Jones, she's a paraplegic crack addict's Norah Jones.

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