Monday, February 22

Saddest Ebay listing ever?

From Supersonicsoul reader Todd Frank:

Now for auction on Ebay:

"BLANK Seattle Sonics throwback NBA jersey Durant Zombie"

Don't miss out on this great auction for the incredibly rare blank Seattle Sonics uniform, with the alternative road jersey in deep red, green shorts with Sonics logo, and authentic sewed-on NBA logo on both. This is an awesome NBA throwback jersey and shorts set made by Champion that you could easily customize! Get some one to stitch on DURANT and 35 and you'll have quite the collector's item. Or put KEMP and a "40" to symbolize his number of children. Or put a Starbucks logo on it or perhaps use it to hang Clay Bennett in effigy. Put a 0 on it with ZOMBIES across the front. I don't care what you do with it. Sadly, there wasn't even a "Seattle Sonics" in the eBay drop-down box for NBA apparel.
Make your bid here!

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