Saturday, May 1

How Do I Leave Comments?

Easy, bub!

See that little thing that says "comments" down at the bottom of the post? Just click on it. Now that we've switched to Haloscan, that's really all you have to do. Honest!

And that adorable little envelope? You can cick on that to forward any post to a friend. Go on, give it a try! Please?


Sig Jensson said...

I have been in a long distance love affair with the Sonics since my college years at SPU and UW late 70’ - early 80´ and what a joy, with some up’s and downs. I was lucky enough to see the ’79 Champions team and will never forget all the fun seeing Lenny Wilkins and his boys as, Sikma, Gus, Freddie, Lonnie, Dennis and later David Thomson, then Tom Chambers, Nate, Dale, Kemp, Garry and now Allan and Lewis. I will never forget the 1982 the 12-0 start.

Now with Nate gone, and 1-3 record, the team is on a serious down slope in spite of a great talent.

Please, please, get us a REALE COACH. – “What’s his name” even looks a like a loser -has to go. How about SIKMA, he has been out there and knows what takes to win, even Lenny could do a better job, and he lives in Seattle, right?

Anonymous said...


Lub this site. Here's another good one for ya:


Anonymous said...

Seriously, what about bringing Lenny back for a third chance to take an underachieving team and turn them into champions?

Anonymous said...

to the flip murray haters who were relentless flip discriminators. i never followed flip much as a sonic, but when i rarely saw his game i knew he had untapped talent. Subject: mainly bloggers on maybe y'all seattle fans have valid criticism for his game in seattle, but now that he's in cleveland where he found a place in the lineup with such an unselfish phenom (King James) he feels no pressure. In Seattle, Allen and Lewis are all offensive minded, looking for a shot before an open teammate, dont get me wrong they're both stars, but it was the wrong system for Flip. My main point is that Flip found a system in Cleveland hes comfortable with and will maximize his talent everyone knows he possesses. This isn't against sonics fans but haters who ignorantly hated on Lastly, now that hes in the right system with unselfish King James who excels his game Flip will have the last laugh. Meaning, for flip haters there will be plenty of time to realize his potential watching the cavs in the playoffs while the sonics are on vacation. the cavs will earn home court advantage for the postseason, but without flip, I know that wouldn't happen. Again, nothing against sonics fans but a player of his caliber shouldn't have such a negative web site. to all at, y'all are overjoyed he finally got traded, but i guarantee he's 10 times happier and if he stays with the cavs you'll be admiring his true game for the next 5 years. if anyone disagrees with me i'd be happy to reply. reach me at

kdoublec said...

Chunk's Rentown is in da house?!

newkid21 said...

Haven't seen/heard any traffic that might suggest an interest by Sonics in Al Harrington. Am I missing something? Mightn't there be some desire to see a Harrington/Lewis/Allen combo? If so, would a sign/trade deal that sends Sene, a 1st round pick in '07, and cash to the Hawks for Harrington be worth some consideration?

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