Friday, October 8

Seattle Reaches Finals! Woo!

That's the Seattle Storm. In the WNBA Finals.
If you need to find me, I'll be camping out along the victory parade route, which will travel the full length of the Northgate Mall parking lot.

I'm still trying to figure out where this falls on the whole, "ending in a tie is like kissing your sister" scale of sports satisfaction. No offense to anyone's sister, but, "ewww."
Side note: There is no way that someone would say isht like that in this day/age without sounding like a complete perv. Like, when Angelina Jolie talked about being "so in love with [her] brother right now." Creepy...


PN said...

If the Huskies winning the National Title and the Sonics playing the Bulls is a 10 on the Seattle Fan Scale (SFS), and the Mariners losing to the Blue Jays 6-1 on a Tuesday in June is a 2, then the Storm playing for the WNBA title is a 1.

Seriously, how many Storm games has anyone watched this year? If the Storm were on channel 1 and an infomercial for hair restoration were on 2, wouldn't you be flipping back and forth before you ended up rooting for the spray paint to explode in the guy's face?

I hate the WNBA, I hate women's sports, and I hate people telling me I'm supposed to be excited about something when it's crap.

Unknown said...

Believe it or not folks, both of these “He-Man-Women-Haters” are married to real-life women! No foolin’!

I don’t follow it much because I don’t have cable, but I like the WNBA. Then again, I tend to favor old-school, fundamental, know how to make a jump-shot basketball over new-school, ball-hogging, know how to make a Sprite commercial basketball.

I don’t care if it’s a pick-up game at Green Lake or an old VHS tape of the 87 Sonics/Rockets playoffs, if it’s good basketball, I’ll watch it. And, last I checked, a penis isn’t required to play good basketball.

(Note to self: Penis + Basketball = OUCH!!)

PN said...

Unfortunately, unlike the Rockets-Sonics '87 games, the WNBA is NOT good basketball. Let me provide some context.

When I was in college, some friends of mine would play informal pick-up games at the university's home court. Over time, a couple of the women's team members joined their group.

And the women weren't the best players on the court.

Let me put it clearly: my friends, nowhere close to NBA, NCAA, NAIA, or even decent high school starter caliber, were able to keep up with and dominate NCAA DIVISION I SCHOLARSHIP WOMEN'S ATHLETES.

Look, obviously I have no problem with women playing sports. But to force us to accept it as something on part with professional men's sports, or even Div. I sports, is ridiculous.

To close, here's a quote from a June 2004 story regarding the WNBA:

"Despite disappointing attendance and a stagnant television viewership, the WNBA remains confident that it will make a profit by 2007, league president Val Ackerman said yesterday during a meeting with Washington Post editors and reporters. "

By 2007 the WNBA will have been in existence for 10 years. Does a league that takes 10 years to "expect" to make a profit sound like something this country is interested in?

I think not.

Anonymous said...

Give a look at how a classy blog handles the news of the Storm making the Finals:

Unknown said...

Yeah, nothing says "class" like spamming another blog.

Anonymous said...

I don't write that blog and it doesn't need the publicity. I just happen to think Bill Russell maybe knows what he's talking about when he says the WNBA plays the best basketball around these days.

Making fun of the WNBA doesn't make me feel any more masculine.

Anonymous said...

As I write this, I am watching the WNBA finals. Here is what I see: high school basketball. These woman play unintelligently and without any concept of fundementals. They pick up the dribble and they force up shots. It is sloppy and did I say that the shot selection makes me want to cry? Now, I'm not saying this to be a misogynist, I'm saying this as a basketball fanatic. I know that American basketball has been corrupted by the dark side (dunks and no travelling calls), I'm just saying that the WNBA isn't even good enough to be propositioned by Darth Vader yet.

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