Wednesday, September 21


Winter, 1990.

It's late in the 4th quarter and the supersonicsoul's editors are cooling their heels in the dark rafters of the Colisseum, the possibility of the internet as far from their minds as the possibility of a date with a woman with two working legs. As the Sonics secure their victory, a young man named Jim Farmer enters the game.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Sunny Jim is about to unleash the most surprising move in Sonic history. With less than a minute to play, Farmer (a wisp of a player at 6'4", 190) darts into the lane and throws down a monster jam. The 3 said editors jump out of their seats in a combination of joy and complete surprise.

The minute the final buzzer sounds, they hop into Merrill's car, floor it, and just make it home to Fairwood in time to see the ESPN highlights. In that era of pre-internet, pre-Fox Sports, pre-everything, the highest sort of praise was to make it on SportsCenter. Dan Patrick & Co. do not disappoint, and the memory becomes etched in stone.

Happy Birthday, Jim Farmer.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I am aware that Farmer's birthday is on Saturday. And, no, there is nothing else Sonic-related to talk about. You got anything else you wanna say, huh?

Anonymous said...

oh, but there is news!

Rad signs on year deal

Anonymous said...

nice a new contract right after he fights with his countryman after his Euro team bit it against france. he is only averaging 7 points or something like that starting for his country and he wants to start for us. i say to him good luck next year in FA since you will not be seeing much action this year due to his poor attitude and lack of commitment to his team, i.e. he bitches about playing time and shots and apparently does not care if we win or lose. good player, on offense but he is not irreplaceable. who needs a chemistry killer on their team anyhow?

Paul said...

This was back in the days when Supersonicsoul was printed out on carbon paper, of course.