Monday, June 5

GP: Third Time a Charm?

Former Supersonic Gary Payton is returning to the big show.

On Thursday, Payton's Miami Heat will face off against the Dallas Mavericks in Game One of the NBA Finals, and for the third (and probably last) time, The Glove will try to get a ring to finish off a Hall of Fame career.

So Supersonicsouliacs, do you think GP has any gas left in his tank? Will he even be a factor? Does he really need a ring to be considered one of the greatest guards in NBA history? Let the ill-informed speculation begin!


Anonymous said...

And while you're pondering that question - consider how you might feel about seeing the Reignman don a Nugs jersey.

I know time heals all wounds - but personally I'm not ready for that jelly.

Anonymous said...

With Evans playing cookie-monster, Kemp should have no trouble going to the rack.

Paul said...

See above for full-on Kemp coverage. (Thanks for the tip, Anon!)

Anonymous said...

As much as I'd liked to see GP get a ring, he's just not the same player. I find the whole thing depressing.

Gabe said...

I don't understand. Where's the love for the glove. When he was traded, I was all for it cuase we didn't have the pieces around him to do anything significant. But so much of Seattle was pissed off at Schultz for letting him go. So now, where's the love?

This is really all sonic fan's have going for them. The main reason I am watching the finals is to see if GP can step up and have a great game, make an impact, and get his ring.

Yo "anonymous last posting", GP is not the same player, OBVIOUS. He's 37 years old. So he had 0 points in the first game. He did have 3 steals, Riley complimented his D in the post game interviews. GP is being a role player, which many of us old school fans could never have imagined.

I'd like to see him get down in the post, not hoist many more 3's and keep playing good team d.

Go GP, go heat.

kdoublec said...