Wednesday, February 28

Game Night: Clippers

Former Seattle Supersonic Michael CageThere isn’t much to be excited about if you’re a Sonics fans these days. Putting aside the stadium debate for at least one more day, and shelving all talk of Oklahoma, we’re left with an underperforming team that is coached by a man who will likely be fired this summer, a GM who is polishing his resume because his bosses are likely prohibiting him from making any moves, and a roster of players who seem incapable of taking the step from lower middle class to easy street.

Tonight, the Sonics play the Clippers. Considering how badly the year has gone in Seattle, it could be worse – we could be Clipper fans, after all. With Shaun Livingston’s horrific injury possibly keeping him out until the end of Bush’s presidency, the Clips are turning to ET tonight to lead them.

For some odd reason, the Sonics play well in LA, at least against the Clippers anyways. As I see it, the game has a couple of keys to success:

1. Containing Chris Kaman on the glass
2. Getting out of Rashard Lewis’ way

Seriously, Rashard could go for 40 tonight, I just have a feeling.

Sonics 106-Clippers 97


Anonymous said...

Another loss, Lewis is not signing, hardcore asshats moving our team... the only good thing that might come out of it is hopefully Ray will play with a good team. I seriously hope he demands a trade if the team gets relocated.

Anonymous said...

I went to the game at Staples last night and was disappointed with the outcome, but there were some good moments (like the Wilcox block on Cassell or the whole 3rd quarter). While not rooting for them to lose, I actually felt okay leaving the game thinking that they are another L closer out of mediocrity-ville.

Anonymous said...

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