Thursday, August 21

Marshall Waived

That's Donyell, not John, in case you wondering. As the headline from put it, "The Sonics would have traded us Wally and Delonte for some cardboard boxes."

Yes, but only if the boxes had those little holes for you to put your hands in on the side. Otherwise, it would have been no-deal.


haizman_brain said...

Is the team on the hook for any of his salary for this year?

Anonymous said...

Yep. All $5.8 million of it. In other words:

1. The Sonics bench Mo Sene so that PJ could "see what Donyell can do"

2. The Sonics send Mo Sene to the D-League so that he can get some time, since he couldn't get time because PJ had to "see what Donyell can do"

3. Mo Sene gets a season-ending injury that forces him to miss all of this season while playing in the D-League because there was no time for him with the Sonics because PJ had to "see what Donyell can do"

4. The Sonics waive Donyell Marshall in the offseason.

Nice work, fellas. Really nice.

Çetin Cem said...

presti gave away wally and delonte for nothing.. and now presti gets desmond mason and joe smith.. that guy is no dumb, and obviously he tried to make the team more miserable last year. i don't know if i'm being overly paranoid but it feels like that three-team deal was just part of a sucker plan.

Anonymous said...

Presti is an idiot, what has he done that has helped the Sonics in any way. He is a robot who is told what to do by upper management. He did not get Tony Parker to play for the Spurs he maybe helped but did not get him sll by himself. The more deals I see Presti involved in, I can see that someday soon people will realize they took a shot with someone with little NBA know how, and no knowlege on how to run a team. He has no coaching skills at this level, how can he manage a team without that common knowlege?

Anonymous said...

I don't think that many GMs have previous coaching experience. Jerry Krause never did, and the Bulls managed to win 6 titles anyways. Likewise, Joe Dumars has done a great job as Detroit's GM despite never being an NBA coach.

My beef wasn't with Presti - while I think he could have gotten more for Wally and West than he did, it was obvious that he was making moves to save Clay money short-term, while at the same time positioning the team to be a player in the free agent sweepstakes next summer. The Joe Smith/Mason move clearly benefitted OKC more than either of the two other teams, and most of the national reporters have said as much. The Lewis deal was a winner, as was the Kurt Thomas one (at least the Phoenix deal; the SA deal, not so much).

Anonymous said...

Bennett employee- never really a Sonic by motivation- Presti has a lot of work ahead of him to get out of the bottom 3-5 in the west. It won't happen this coming season.

Mason is a nice guy but he never was an above average at anything NBA player except briefly on hustle but he seemed to turn as most players do (knowing the business) to trying to score. He will help fan relations but not winning next season. Maybe he sticks around as a low cost vet but I won't be surprised if he choses to leave even for same or less money.

Joe Smith is noting special but he is better than Marshall at this point and will again either leave / go off books or maybe they can entice to stay as a semi-decent vet off bench for a year or two.

But enough on these transition tread water or further tank moves. Presti will be judged mainly by Durant/Green/Westbrook and the next top draft pick. I do like White, Weaver though. But so far the rest of the west is not trembling.

OKC gets to .500 in 2010-2011? I'd bet it will take longer.

But that's Clay, Aubrey and Sammy's to deal with.

Anonymous said...

If Sam Presti is looking to further gut Oklahoma City's roster for another season of tanking, then he might as well make the following trade.

It'd be all about clearing cap space for next year.